Megan and Brody

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How We Met

On March 27, 2015, I was going to go out with my friend and my cousin Eli for some drinks. I picked up my friend Ericka and went to go meet up with Eli at the place he was living. He was living in a townhouse with a couple of his friends at the time. Ericka and I got to the house, walked in, and went into the garage since I knew that’s were Eli would be. Ericka had never met any of them before so as we walked in I pointed out Kevin, Matt, my cousin Eli, and “mustache”. “Mustache” was Brody, who I had never met. He was sitting in a camping chair wearing jeans, a bunnyhug, his black vest, and a touque. Ericka and I hung out with them for close to an hourbefore Eli were ready to go, I was surprisingly on time for meeting him. The whole time we were there we hung out in the garage while they smoked and Eli had some drinks. I was attempting to move on a longboard without falling off, it was not easy. Brody did not say a word the whole time we were there.

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The next day (March 28, 2015) I went to the big spring Trade Show with Ericka and we talked about the night before. At one point we were sitting down eating hotdogs and I got a Facebook message. The message was from Brody and the gist of it said “Hey, I met you at ELi’s last night. Just wondering if you have a bf. Give me a text if you want ###-####. You seem cool.” So I, being the awkward human that I am who doesn’t actually have interactions like that often started full-on panicking with excitement while Ericka laughed at me. Once I had chilled out a bit I sent him a text message responding to his Facebook message.

A few days later I went to Brody’s house to hang out with him. He described his house perfectly, the only one of the block with a porch, and said to use the backdoor. When I got there I walked into his house, later realizing that might have been weird because I didn’t announce my presence by knocking first. When I walked in he leaned over and peered around the wall of his livingroom to see the door. One of the first things I said was how he described his house perfectly. Then two other people leaned over and looked at the door. After a little while, his friends left so Brody and I watched Interstellar. He was super awkward which was amusing, sweet, and actually took a lot of pressure off.

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I know that Brody didn’t speak at Eli’s that night because when I went to his house and he first spoke after I walked into his house I was astounded by how deep his voice was. He’s not very tall or big or bulky or anything but his voice sounds like it should be from a 6’9″ boxing champion. It does not match.

It took a year and a half of hanging out before I sent him a text message one day (October 25, 2016) basically saying “I like you so we need to be an exclusive thing or nothing because that’s where I’m at” and he basically responded saying “I pretty much already thought we were”. After THAT exchange I walked over to my neighbor Sam’s to have a smoke with her, showed her the conversation, and bawled because I was so happy. Then I sent him a picture of his Facebook, circled where it said single and said “I think this should say me”. He immediately changed his relationship status to in a relationship with me, then texted me saying “goodnight GIRLFRIEND :P”.

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How They Asked

For Christmas 2019 I bought Brody a trip because I know he cares very little about material objects. I bought a trip for the two of us to have a long weekend away for some quality time. I booked everything for the week long break in February, that way he would have plenty of time to book it off, Dæmien would be off school and at his dad’s, and I would be off school. We stayed at a lodge in Lake Louise that had no wifi or cable so we could focus on spending time together. The lodge had a nice restaurant in it, a sauna, and a rooftop hottub. We went for a sleighride along with Lake Louise, looked at the Lake Louise ice sculptures, went rooftop hottubbing at night so we could see the stars, went on a sightseeing gondola tour up the Lake Louise ski resort, went skating on Lake Louise, went dog sledding, and went out to Abraham lake.

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On February 21, 2020, we went on the sight of seeing a gondola tour. The previous day we had done the sleighride and looked at ice scupltures. As we went up the gondola we were chatting about how nice is looked and what a nice day it was. When we got to the top of the gondola, putting us on the side of the mountain, we looked at the scenary and took some pictures. Brody suggested we get someone to take our pictures on the bench with the view behind us. He walked over to a European man who was sightseeing and talked to him while I went over to the bench to wake for the snowboarders to get their boards on and leave the bench.

Brody and the man chatted for a while while the snowboarders finished up. Finally, they left and Brody took off his earflap hat for nice pictures. After a few pictures of us sitting he suggested getting some standing. He got an awkward hug in for the pictures, then dropped to his knee. He was so awkward and nervous and had a whole little spiel that wasn’t prepared but just spewed out at he got the ring out of his pocket. We had been together for years at the point, had already talked about our future and getting married and all that. I had been hoping that he would propose on the trip but I also wasn’t expecting it to happen and I certainly wasn’t expecting it on the side of a mountain with someone getting pictures of it.

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Brody was so nervous he doesn’t remember what he said, and frankly neither do I. However, I do know that it was about being together forever, but he never actually asked me to marry him and I never actually said yes to anything.

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He had bought the ring that I had picked out and shown him. It’s strawberry gold with a bunch of little white diamonds, a bigger chocolate diamond, black rhodium, and it fits perfectly. It’s very unique and matches my style exactly. He had bought it weeks prior, hid it in his closet, and carried it around Lake Louise waiting for the right time. He had originally planned on proposing at the dogsled because it’s a tour that takes you to the continental divide, but when we were on the mountain and he saw the view he said that it felt right.

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