Megan and Brendan

Megan and Brendan's Engagement in Disneyland California

How We Met

We met in September of 2015, i lived across from his brother (Jordan) and his friends (Dustin & Brayden & Katie). Katie and i became quick friends and we started to see each other often. We would go to watch the guys play hockey, Brendan played on the team but i had yet to meet him. One night my Bestie Kells and i went out for girls night, we had a few drinks and had asked Jordan to be our DD. He came to pick us up from the Canadian Brewhouse and with him was this crazy handsome guy, he was in sweat pants and a hoodie and had his hair tucked into his hat. He stood shyly and did not say a word. I remember staring at him, just smiling. I don’t remember being introduced to him and Jordan drove us home shortly after. Kellsea and I nursed a hangover the next day and all i could think about was who that handsome man was. A few days later i went over to the guys house with Katie to watch the Oilers game. When i walked into the house it was dark and i could not really see who was laying on the ground, i hopped onto the couch and settled in to watch the first period. He stood up and turned to look at me, Jordan said “this is Brendan, my brother. He got his hair cut what do you think?”. I just giggled and smiled at him. I am an awkward human! haha I always found Oscar Klefbom from the Oilers extremely attractive, Jordan proceeds to say “Meg, he looks exactly like Klefbom” I couldn’t help but notice it. But he was just so much more handsome!

We finished watching the game and i left. A few nights later we had all got together to play Disney Scene it, we were both TERRIBLE at it and just spent our time laughing at how bad we were. Something just clicked, it just felt so natural to be around him. Something i had never felt before. After that, any time we were together we flirted endlessly. It was always smiles and laughs with him. I remember exactly when i knew he was what i wanted, it was halloween on 2015, we all went on a Pub crawl together. I was dressed as wonder woman and he was dressed as Jose Bautista (a blue jay player). We had to pile onto a bus to go to the next location and there was nowhere to sit, he pulled me onto his lap and told me i could sit there. He had the sweetest smile on his face. When we arrived at Denizan Hall (a local Edmonton Pub) we went inside to dance. We were all dancing together in a circle and then “Shut up and Dance With Me” came on and Bren pulled me close and smiled at me. I just felt weak and i felt like i was exactly where i needed to be.

November 6th was Dustin’s birthday and we were all together celebrating at the house. Bren and i were alone in the kitchen and i whispered to him “i always get what i want” and he pulled me in for our first kiss. MAGIC. I had never felt that before. Things got complicated after that, i was in a bad place mentally and people were upset about us being together and that pushed us apart, i was always the person that wanted everyone to be happy and put their happiness before my own. We didn’t want the drama between us all. We just wanted everyone happy even if it broke my heart. Bren chased me down a small street in Stony Plain and asked me where my favorite place in the world was, i told him Tofino B.C. He replied “lets runaway, to Tofino” he gently kissed my forehead and we silently agreed to move passed this. We went our separate ways for a few months until January of 2016. We all got together again and went bowling. Dustin, Katie, Bren and I. It was like we had never been apart. After bowling Bren and i spent the night laying on the cold kitchen floor talking about absolutely everything. How we missed each other, where i grew up, my family, his family. We reconnected. From that day forward we spent everyday together. We realized that we did not care what anyone else thought. Our happiness is what mattered. We went for Breakfast on Valentines day (it is my absolute favorite meal of the day) when we had left the restaurant i had jokingly locked him out of the jeep. He wrote on my window “Will you be mine Sugar?” with a big heart. I was so happy!! Finally everything had worked out. Bren brought me back from that dark place and he took care of me. He made me, ME again. He single handedly helped me out of my deep depression.

how they asked

In April of 2017 we went vacationing in Palm Springs with my mom for her 50th birthday and her friend Anne. Bren had never been to Disneyland and we had planned to go. I love Disney, all things disney! We went on Monday April 24th, we arrived early in the morning. Once we entered the park we rushed like little kids to rides. I swear Bren was grinning from ear to ear. Bren and my mom kept bugging me to go to pixie hollow, i kept saying “no lets go later”. Anne convinced us to go. We walked into pixie hollow and stood next to the pond where all the little pixies twinkled in the trees and the bright sun reflected off the water. I was standing leaning over the railing talking to Bren about how i love this place! It is so beautiful and it was the one place in Disneyland that didn’t swarm with people. I turned to face him and i was mid sentence, there he was!! Down on one knee! I don’t know who was more emotional! Instantly tears of joy filled my eyes. He had the biggest most BEAUTIFULLY HANDSOME smile on his face and he whispered “Baby will you be my forever?” i couldn’t mutter a yes through my sobs. I think this made him slightly more nervous as he started saying “Baby will you?” haha that makes me giggle remembering the panic in his face like he didn’t know if i was going to say yes.

Proposal Ideas Disneyland California

Silly man! I nodded with my hands still at my face controlling my sobs. I reached out and placed my hands on his sweet face and kissed him “Yes” i whispered. He wrapped me in his arms as I continued to cry happy tears. My mom was sobbing in the background as Anne started yelling “Yay, Yay”. I honestly didn’t know any of this until i watched the video after, i was just so wrapped up in what was happening! It was just Bren and I and no one else. It was the most amazing day, i couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Days with this man by my side only get better, we only get stronger and the love we have for each other blossoms everyday. How did i get so lucky? Music has always been my go to, it always awakens something in me and there is no better feeling than to find a song that relates exactly to how you feel. On that note; Greatest Love Story by Lanco is the song Bren wanted to quote when he asked me (i am not kidding as he was kneeling there i could hear this song playing in my head “I’m what you wanted, you’re what i needed, and we could meet in between we are gonna be the greatest love story this town has ever seen) <3 and Holy by Florida Georgia Line “When the sun had left and the winter came, and the sky thawed to only bring the rain, I sat in darkness, all broken-hearted, I couldn’t find a day I didn’t feel alone, I never meant to cry, started losing hope, but somehow baby, you broke through and saved me, you’re an angel. Tell me you’re never leaving ‘Cause you’re the first thing I know I can believe in” I will leave this here right where it is. I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with my angel <3