Megan and Brandon

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How We Met: Brandon and I met on the very first day of high school, in our very first class. Through all of high school, we had the same group of friends, we had classes together (I practically passed Spanish 2 Honors for him), and we had a mutual, distant admiration for each other. After we graduated high school, we both headed for the University of Kentucky. In the second week of our college career, we ran into each other at the student center. Brandon had a long break between classes, and I was getting some lunch. We decided to sit together and catch up.

And after that, we decided to have a LOT more lunches together. Still, the distant admiration continued, while Brandon and I grew into being one another’s best friend. We each dated other people, asked for each other’s advice, and continued to have very frequent lunch dates and phone conversations. While I was busy with being on the cheerleading squad, and Brandon was busy with his fraternity, we always found time to hang out. This continued through our first THREE semesters of college. Meanwhile, all of our friends and families saw the full picture. In January of our sophomore year of college, I had just had a particularly difficult day, so I decided to call my best friend.

Brandon was watching the Kentucky Wildcats playing basketball on TV (a very important thing in our lives) with his guy friends when I called him. He immediately left his house to come pick me up, but not without stopping to get a white chocolate mocha for me! We sat together and drank our coffee late into the night while he let me cry and vent to him. It wasn’t long before he was making me laugh through my tears. He let me talk until I couldn’t talk anymore, and we sat in silence for several minutes- both of our hearts racing fast. He told me he wanted to kiss me, and let me make the first move. We never looked back after that!

how they asked: Flash forward a couple of incredible years together. Brandon had graduated in May, and I still had one more semester of school, and I was now an assistant cheerleading coach for the University of Kentucky. We knew we would get married, and I think we had both known for several years. I was busy in the summer, traveling the country working cheerleading camps, and Brandon had just started his job. I knew we would be engaged by the end of the summer, and I even knew he had the ring. Brandon has NEVER been good at surprises (he gets too excited), so I teased him that I would most definitely know when he was going to propose. He was determined to completely surprise me.

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Since I wasn’t home often, I had it pretty narrowed down to exactly when I thought the proposal would happen. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Earlier in June, I was contacted by a high school cheerleader who was interested in taking private lessons with another coach of the Kentucky program and myself. We set up a time to meet at our cheerleading gym in Lexington on July 3rd in the evening.

As I took the familiar path into the gym, nothing was out of the ordinary. I got to the door and saw my coaching colleague, Reece, through the window- and still, nothing was out of the ordinary. The door was locked, so Reece came to let me in. Instead of greeting me as he opened the door, he stepped aside. At the edge of the mat was a HUGE heart created by rose petals, and that was CERTAINLY not ordinary.

Brandon had COMPLETELY surprised me. Brandon came to me from the other corner of the room, and the rest seems like such a blur. He led me as I sobbed, to the middle of heart and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him!

I was in complete shock as the love of my life was on his knee in front of me, in a location that is so dear to my heart- I ALMOST forgot to say “yes!!!”.

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After that moment, I realized there was a photographer in the room with us, and she had completely captured all of the emotions!

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Brandon then told me that the surprises were not yet over. He led me down the hall where both of our parents, and my siblings were waiting to hug us. As if that weren’t enough almost 15 more important people in my life came filing out of a room and down the hall to us, including two of my best friends who had flown in from New Jersey and Louisiana just to be there!

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There was TONS of ugly crying going on. (:

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My mom had brought several dresses and other things necessary for me to get ready, because there was a final surprise in store: There was an engagement party waiting for us at my favorite wine bar in Lexington with EVEN MORE friends and family!! We spent the rest of the night celebrating with our friends and family. It was truly an evening with overwhelming joy and love, as something that was nearly eight years in the making was finally coming together.

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