Megan and Bradley

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In the backyard of the home we just bought together

How We Met

Brad and I went to Middle School and High School together, lived up the street from each other, rode the bus together, were in the same homeroom, and we were both in theatre, but we never really talked much. I performed with our local community theatre and Brad performed in the high school shows, so we were “rivals” of sorts. It wasn’t until after we both went to a year of college apart that we re-met in a show which we were in together this time. Kismetly enough, that show was “The Wedding Singer”. When our characters were paired together during a dance, the sparks started flying. I think we started dancing a little bit closer to each other each rehearsal. After about two weeks, Brad asked me out. We have been close to inseparable since those rehearsals and now we are getting married in that same theatre we fell in love in.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In the backyard of the home we just bought together

Megan's Proposal in In the backyard of the home we just bought together

Megan and Bradley's Engagement in In the backyard of the home we just bought together

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In the backyard of the home we just bought together

how they asked

I hardly know where to start. The proposal still feels like the most wonderful dream. I could never have imagined a more perfect day that all led to the man that fills my heart with more love than I ever knew existed.

When I woke up that Friday morning, I thought I was going to be spending the day at a charity golf event representing my company. When I got to work, however, my boss informed me that a last-minute project came up which meant I had to sit the golf tournament out. After getting (maybe a little more than) upset, I got to work on the project. When my niece Lexi texted me and asked if I could go to lunch with her and Brad after work at noon, I happily accepted. When she insisted that she pick me up for lunch, I was confused but went along with it. I had no idea that she was actually about to drive me over to Tech High School (where Brad and I first meet). My sister was there with the first poem of the day and the baton was passed over to her. She then brought me to get my nails done where my mother, grandmother, and aunt were waiting! After our nail session, the baton was passed again to Brad’s parents at D.B Searles (Where Brad and I had our first big date) and they handed me yet another beautiful poem. They then took me over to get my hair and makeup beautified. The final baton pass was then over to my best friend who took me shopping to pick out an evening gown! After picking out a dress, the pampering was complete and we headed back to the house Brad and I had just purchased together.

My friend led me to the backyard and when I turned the corner, the tears immediately started rolling. It was the most beautiful setting I could have ever imagined and Brad looked more handsome than I could ever dream. He had invited all of the most important people in our lives to witness the moment and celebrate with us. As I walked up to him under the most gorgeously decorated pergola, I could feel my heart beating stronger than ever for him. I could hardly let him finish his final poem, I was so excited to say “yes!”

I still do not know how I got lucky enough to fall in love the most romantic, kind, and loving man. The whole day was out of a fairy tale and I am so ready to spend forever with my Prince Charming.

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