Megan and Bobby

How We Met

Crazy enough – we met at an indoor volleyball league!

Megan was playing in a league in Spring 2015. Towards the end of the season Bobby was asked to come play as a guest player for a day. Megan and Bobby ended up playing against each other that day. Bobby actually hit a ball hard at Megan during the game and she missed it (which she was not happy about). Bobby (being the nice guy he is) said “I’m Sorry!” and Megan being the competitive girl she is said “Don’t say sorry! I’ll get the next one!” Pretty typical LOL!

After the game was over Megan went up to Bobby and said Hi and sorry for yelling at him during the game! They ended up both hanging out with a bunch of teammates after the league that night and really hit it off!

Bobby ended up being a guest player the week after too where they saw each other again and continued to hit it off! They both made sure to go to the same pick up games and eventually got each others phone numbers. Bobby asked Megan to play in a beach volleyball tournament with him, go out to dinner, go on dates to Pt. Pleasant and the rest is history ?

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how they asked

It was Cinco de Mayo! Megan and Bobby had a family party they were at earlier that day and had planned to go to Manasquan to hang out at Dave’s (the best man) beach house with a bunch of friends. Little did Megan know that everyone there was in on Bobby’s proposal and they had all met earlier that week to discuss the plan of action that day. Megan and Bobby called Dave to say they were on the way and Dave asked them if they should wait to go on a walk on the jetty. Bobby said “yeah! Wait for us!”

Megan and Bobby get to Manasquan and everyone decides to go out to the jetty and walk on the rocks to the concrete service out on the ocean more. Megan was completely distracted by walking on the rocks and didn’t notice anything was different. Everyone finally gets out to the concrete part of the jetty and everyone walks further out and Megan tries to follow. Bobby holds Megan back and begins to talk to her about their relationship and how they had a lot of memories in Point Pleasant (which was right across the inlet). Then he said he was ready to start the next chapter with Megan. She turned around right away and Bobby was on his knee – cue the tears!

Of course, she said YES!

Megan & Bobby’s friends had cameras and phones out capturing this special moment! Megan & Bobby then called Megan’s parents and her whole immediate

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The family was already celebrating! It was the best most surprising proposal EVER!

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