Megan and Blake

How We Met

I met Blake in college where we were both studying chemical engineering at McNeese State University. Blake was a year ahead of me and he was my go-to for any help I needed with the school. We were really good friends for two years before we ever even thought about dating. Then one night we went out with some friends and something just clicked. I had never felt that much of an instant connection before, and it slapped me in the face that he has been right in front of me this whole time! We started dating and it was like everything just fell into place so naturally. It didn’t take long for me to fall completely in love with him either. I knew after a few days of dating that I was going to marry him one day. How could I not though? One of our first dates was listening to the backstreet boys while we were eating sandwiches on my empty living room floor because I was moving out.

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It went so smoothly that I couldn’t actually believe it was real life. I wasn’t used to relationships being so easy, I just kept thinking this is way too good to be true. But the more time that went by, the more amazing our relationship got. The first year was amazing, Blake graduated from college, got a job, and I got an internship for my last year of college. It was a year of so many blessings. We celebrated our one year anniversary in November, and I just didn’t know how it could get any better. But it kept getting better and better.

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In February we bought our first home together and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to get to come home to my best friend every day. I feel like I’ve known Blake my entire life. It’s weird to think of a time before he was in my life, and I often think about how I ever made it without him. He has brought me so much happiness and he has shown me a love I never knew existed. We have made so many memories in a year and a half and I can’t wait to see all the memories we will make as husband and wife!

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How They Asked

Then, May 9th, 2019 rolled around and little did I know that this day would change my life forever. I had a ring ceremony that night to get a ring that symbolized me becoming an engineer. I got my ring and we went outside to take pictures after the ceremony. I was cracking jokes holding my hand out with my engineering ring on my finger, and then Blake pulled out a little black box. That was it, I lost it. I started crying and I couldn’t even see the ring because I was crying so much.

He told me how proud he was of me and how much he truly loved me. I had no idea that it was coming and was very much so surprised. I had dreamt about this day for so long, and I tried to imagine what my response would be like, but I couldn’t ever have prepared myself for the rush of emotions I felt seeing him down on his knee. Every inch of my body was engulfed in complete happiness and I wanted to stay in that moment forever. Blake is my happily ever after and I am so blessed to have him in my life!

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