Megan and Blaise

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How We Met

Blaise and I met our freshman year at Baylor University. We lived in the same dorm and became fast friends. While everyone else seemed to know he had a crush on me, I was blissfully unaware that we would ever become more than friends. We remained the best of friends throughout college, we attended church together, volunteered together, took many classes together, and attended every single Baylor football game together with our friends (sic’em bears!).

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Near the end of our junior year, Blaise decided to come clean and tell me how he felt – I mean he really spilled his guts – and while it took me a few months to wrap my head around it and decide how I felt, we started dating that summer! We spent about every day of our senior year at Baylor together and loved every minute of it. I stayed in Waco to go to graduate school and he went off to Fort Worth to go to medical school (which thankfully isn’t too far), and June 2018 will be our three year anniversary!

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how they asked

While I thought it was coming soon, Blaise took me totally by surprise with a whirlwind, 3-day long proposal. We were at my house on Friday afternoon, and I was under the impression that we’d be spending the next few days in Houston with his family. I was getting ready and he told me he was going to get something from his car and come right back. I continued getting ready but…he never came back! Instead his little brother walked into my house and promptly handed me a letter to which I responded, “Oh my God it’s happening, isn’t it?” I read the letter and sure enough, Blaise had duped me. The letter was so sweet and it told me to get ready and follow his brother’s instructions. His brother then gave me another letter, the first of a series of clues that began this amazing weekend. That clue led me to our freshman year dorm at Baylor, where we became friends. When we arrived, his brother gave me another sweet letter with a clue that led me to the place we first met, a building just across from our dorm. When we arrived, three of my friends from college were there to take over from there.

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The next clue took me to the Bible building, where we had many of our classes together. After getting choked up reading the next letter, we followed the next clue to the Science building, one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. I was again handed off to Blaise’s older brother and his girlfriend, who’s letter took me to my old apartment, the place where Blaise spilled his guts! After another sweet letter and clue, we went to the church that we attended in Waco, where our college pastor and mentor was waiting for me. After a long and particularly emotional letter, we followed the clue to Lake Waco, a place where Blaise and I often went to pray and spend time together. When we got there, our pastor gave me another letter that told me to take time to pray and watch the sunset and that we’d “pick this back up tomorrow.” TOMORROW?!

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Despite my bewilderment that the proposal would not be happening that night, I went down to the lake to pray and reread all the sweet letters Blaise had written me. I turned around to see another friend coming towards me with another letter, telling me that she had a bottle of wine handy, would be spending the night, and that I needed to start packing (a detailed packing list was enclosed, he really thought of everything) because I was getting on a plane tomorrow. What?! A plane?! We had a great girls night which even included a late night rollerblading adventure, and the next morning I was ready to go to the airport when Blaise’s sister knocked on my door! Blaise knew I wanted my nails done for when he proposed, so she took me to get a mani-pedi and we had a great morning together. The next letter told me to get on the road to DFW airport, my flight would be leaving at 2:45. I quickly loaded my car and got on the road, and it won’t until I got to the airport that I knew where I was going – Chicago!

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I grew up in a town just outside of Chicago and it is easily my favorite city in the world. I was ecstatic! I landed and was greeted by my best friends from back home. We went to our hometown and I had another great girls night with friends that are more like sisters. The next morning we got brunch and soon began another series of letters and clues that took me first to my high school, my old church, and my old house. Each letter got more and more romantic and sentimental and I was choking back tears all day. My friends gave me a final letter that said we’d be going a little farther to get to the next location. We got on the highway towards Wisconsin and I realized, “Oh my goodness, we’re going to Lake Geneva!” Lake Geneva is a very special place for me. One of my oldest and closest friends had a lake house there that we went to frequently growing up, and it holds a lot of special memories. We arrive near the town of Lake Geneva and pull into a hotel that I’ve never seen before, where I was ordered by my friends to unload all my stuff.

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We got into our room and they excitedly sat me down and told me to get ready, it was about to happen! We jammed to Beyonce and I think I set a personal record for how quickly I got ready. We left the hotel and drove a little farther into town, where they gave me the final letter which had me crying before I could even get out of the car. We walked a little way in the misty rain and soon I saw my parents (all the way from Colorado!) standing under a gazebo. We all walked down to the lake and I saw Blaise’s parents standing on the sidewalk, who had flown from Houston, and Blaise (FINALLY I get to see him) standing at the end of a beautiful pier. I walked out to meet him and he said something beautiful about his love for me that I absolutely don’t remember, then got down on one knee and popped the question! After choking on my tears I screamed/barked/yelled something resembling “YES!” and he put the most beautiful ring on my finger. We enjoyed a great dinner with our parents and a wonderful few days in Lake Geneva and Chicago before heading back to Texas. It was truly the most romantic thing I’ve ever experienced.

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