Megan and Ben

Megan and Ben's Engagement in Cincinnati, OH/ Horrorhound Convention

how they asked

So, me and my Fiance are horror movie nerds, we went to Cincinnati, OH to stay the weekend and attend Horrorhound Convention ….We stood in line for all the stars from The Walking Dead and purchased a professional photo op with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It was our turn to go behind the curtain for our photo op….i walked towards JDM, shook his hand and turned around for the pic..the next thing i know, Ben is on one knee and JDM is freaking out!

Where to Propose in Cincinnati, OH/ Horrorhound Convention

He said “ARE YOU S***ING ME!?” …..I said yes and JDM made the photographer take another pic of us with him…then exiting the curtain, he shakes Bens hand and says “YOU ARE ONE BADA** MOTHERF*****!” We walked towards the crowd still waiting to meet JDM, Ben held up my hand and yelled “SHE SAID YES”….we picked up our pics and walked out of the waiting area to the cheers and applause of total strangers! One of the best days of my life!