Megan and Austin

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend at a Starbucks. A girl was meeting him there so he could help her study, and I thought they were dating so I tried not to think about him. That didn’t work out too well for me, because I thought about him for weeks until I came across his Facebook and noticed he was never even dating the girl he was with that day! Just friends. I messaged him ~almost~ immediately and we have been inseparable since then. He always tells me that as soon as he talked to me in that coffee shop there was a little voice in his head telling him “that’s her, she’s the one.” But he was too scared to talk to me. Thank goodness I did!

How They Asked

I had an idea it was coming, but I had no idea when! My birthday is on December 4th, and he was acting so nervous and weird that day. I thought maybe he would ask me that night, and deeply regretted not getting my nails done. Haha! That night he threw me a super sweet surprise party, and so I shrugged off his nervousness thinking it was because of the party.

That night he gave me a beautiful pink dress and asked me to wear it that Friday because we would be walking around in a garden and he said it would look pretty in pictures. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift! The only problem, I left it at home when we left for our road trip. 5 hours away, to be exact. And not only that, I left all of my cute clothes. I had a feeling he would ask the following day, I just know him too well! I panicked and he (as always) calmly told me we would go to the mall before the garden so I could pick out a different dress.

The sweet girls at Nordstrom helped me find a dress in no less than 20 minutes, and we went to the garden from there. We walked around for 10 minutes or so, I could tell he was nervous. I knew it was happening then. We walked up to a beautiful bridge overlooking the garden with a waterfall behind it, and just before we walked up the bridge, a girl walked right up and took a seat. Austin looked worried, and I didn’t want to give it away that I knew, so I wandered off for a minute. Little did I know I walked straight for my best friend who was hiding behind a plant!

Anyway, the girl walked down the other side of the bridge and Austin called me over to walk over the bridge with him. I grabbed his hand and walked up the steps first until I felt a little tug on my hand. My heart dropped in the best way. I turned around and he smiled at me with the most cheesy grin and got down on one knee.

He told me he always knew, asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes! He picked me up and I looked over his shoulder to see my beautiful best friend and her husband taking pictures of the whole thing! I was shaking nonstop and felt like I was dreaming. The whole day was beyond anything I could have imagined that moment would be like!

Special Thanks

Hannah Cloyd
 | Photographer