Megan and Anthony

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How We Met

I met Ant in February of 2008. I was in 10th grade and he was in 11th. We had a lot of mutual friends but never met. One night one of my friends invited him and a few of his friends over to my house. We kept catching each other looking at the other all night. The next night me and the same friend went over to his house. When we were there he asked to see my cell phone (verizon LG Env2 lol). He snuck his number into the phone. We played video games and talked and on the way out of his house he tried to kiss me. I texted him when I got home to apologize and we never stopped texting.

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Fast forward 8 years and we’ve been to numerous school dances, proms, house parties, bars, vacations, etc. We bought our first house together 3 years ago. We have really been best friends since day one.

how they asked

Ant and I love to go on adventures. We love to hike and bike and ski and jetski and do anything exciting and thrilling. One day in November while Ant was taking a nap I booked us a trip to Bar Harbor Maine. We would stay in Bar Harbor and hike and bike around Acadia National Park. The morning of vacation comes and were driving to the airport at 630 am when I decide to check my email. Turns out our 850 am flight had been cancelled! The next available flight was 230 in the afternoon. The catch is we were supposed to be getting on a connecting flight in Boston to Bar Harbor as Philadelphia does not fly to Bar Harbor direct! Ant decided we are going to get a whole new flight, rent a car, and drive from Boston to Bar Harbor. We buy new tickets and on our way to our gate see a flight that is leaving a few hours earlier than the new flight we booked. We ask at the gate if we can get on the new flight and it turns out 2 people never showed up and we got on the flight! We had a great time on our 4.5 hour drive from Boston to Bar harbor just singing and dancing in the car. We arrived Wednesday. We hiked multiple mountains, biked 25 miles through Acadia and Saturday we come to our last day of hiking. We map out the perfect trail and set out. We are just getting some momentum and are coming up on the mountain we plan to summit when we spot this really cute wooden bridge. I go “Aw look how cute that bridge is!” and Ant replies “wanna get engaged on it?” Naturally I think he is kidding. The next thing I know hes asking someone to take our photos and pulling something out of his bag! He was so nervous he got down on his knee and got back up before asking me to marry him! Turns out he was just waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question the whole trip!

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