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How We Met

Blind dates- you either hear that they go absolutely awful or that is wasn’t the worst night of their lives. I can easily say that going on the blind date with Andy was the hands down, best decision that I ever made. Andy and I went to high schools that were 40 minutes away from each other and had attended some of the same sporting events during that time due to being in the same school conference. We even had attended the same wedding two years prior to meeting. We had crossed paths without even knowing that our destiny was right there in front of us. The story goes like this, Andy’s cousin married my sisters best friend Kelly, from high school. I had know her since I was in 4th grade, so basically grown up from a small elementary school girl to a college graduate looking to figure out her post college life. I am sure she never thought she would be the one to set me up with my future husband, but she did. We went on our first (blind) date and I went into it with expectations that there could be those moments of awkward silences, but those didn’t happen. In fact, we did not stop talking the entire time that we were together. I knew that this was something different than I had ever experienced on a first date. We had a couple of adventurous and fun home town dates before Andy headed back to school in Greencastle, Indiana at the beginning of August. I was still in the whirlwind of life, trying to figure out where my dental hygiene career was going to take me. Days before he left to head back to school I got a call from a dental office in Indianapolis (40 minutes from Andy’s school) with a full time job opportunity. It was like God telling us that we were suppose to continue what we had started together. Between working and soccer season for him we still made the time for each other. Within months spending every free minute that we could get together, we quickly realized that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. We joked around all the time that it felt like we had been dating for years, not months.

how they asked

Union, Michigan the location of Andy’s grandparents house on Baldwin Lake. Years ago the tradition of Baldwin Lake camp evolved into a annual event for the grandkids to spend the a long weekend at the lake with the grandparents. It was a weekend to learn life skills and perfect all athletic abilities. (Fun fact: Andy comes from a family of four boys and he has five boy cousins with 2 girl cousins. A very small percentage of estrogen in the family) The summer of 2015 was my initiation to this camp which had been hyped up for the previous 4 months by everyone. Andy’s grandma had the whole weekend planned out by the hour, from the food that we ate to the activities that we did each day. It was a beautiful weekend, the sun was out everyday and lake water was the perfect temperatures. We all had been playing soccer tennis, cornhole, razor scooter course, competitive tubing and backyard baseball. I will admit, I am not a very competitive person let alone a very coordinated person in general. Grandma passed out clues for the last activity of the weekend- a treasure hunt for the 12 of us sitting at the lunch table. I immediately thought, “Yes! This is a game that I could actually win!”. I was paired up with Andy’s youngest brother Ned and I was ready to win this thing. Our clue was to take the canoes across the lake to the beach landing and find our next clue there. Ned is a very competitive person, just like the rest of the boys in Andy’s family and I didn’t understand why he was paddling so slow to get across the lake. We FINALLY got to the landing, found our next clue and it told Ned to go behind the red house and his clue would be on the tire of a car. My clue said to find the red marker in the sand on the beach and dig there for you next clue. I start digging, digging and digging – seriously I can’t find my clue, so I stop. I think, I’ll just wait for Ned to get back and help me. It takes me a few seconds to give up on Ned and just continue digging. I finally found a cardboard box that was camouflaged in the sand and pull out my next clue. Immediately I know what is going on. This “clue” looks nothing like the last two clues that were bright red, small pieces of paper and not in a envelope that was addressed with my name on it. I recognize the handwriting on the envelope, Andy’s. There goes my stomach, it drops. I open the envelope with the most romantic letter I have ever read. I had to read it 3 times to actually remember what it said I was so distracted by what was about to happen. There goes a tap on my shoulder, it’s Andy behind me. He asks me the question every girls dreams of being asked and the next thing I know we are in a warm embrace in the hot July sun on a Sunday afternoon. I was in the biggest fantasy of my life and I am so lucky someone was there to capture the moments that we shared together. We took the canoes back to lake house and were greeted with all of the other grandkids cheering for us on the pier. Both of our parents met us at the house for dinner for the close the first and greatest Baldwin Lake camp I will ever have.

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