Megan and Andrew

Image 1 of Megan and AndrewHow we met: Andy has been my best friend for five years now. We met junior year of high school in Mrs. Baker’s ACT test prep course. He was the goalie of the hockey team, and an absolute sweetheart. I liked him the minute he sat down in front of me. It wasn’t until November of 2010 that I realized just how much I liked him. It was a tradition at our high school that the juniors and/or seniors would go on a retreat called SEARCH. Andy and I just happened to go to the same SEARCH (285), and happened to be in the same SEARCH group. I had realized so much about my life that weekend, including how big of a role Andy played in it – and we had JUST met a few months prior!

A month of pining went by before I eventually worked up the nerve to tell him I liked him. And I got (very politely) shut down. (He later told me this was due to my Catholic faith, he didn’t know if he was ready to date a Catholic girl. We’ve managed :) ) Crushed as I was, I just got determined. I had never wanted a guy to like me so badly in my entire life! Sure, he was my friend and he called me “dude” and we watched hockey together, but I couldn’t understand why any of that had to change if we became a couple. What I didn’t realize is that God was preparing me to be with the man I was going to be with the rest of my life… He was making sure I was the one ready.

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I like to joke that I “wore him down” by the time he asked me to junior prom in March of 2011. I had already told him once more that I liked him and thought we should date, and he kindly reminded me that we were just friends. It wasn’t until two weeks before prom, when I told him I liked him a third time, that he told me he finally felt the same way. My 16-year-old screeches are probably still echoing throughout my old house. We became “official” on April 17, 2011 and I have not stopped giggling over him since.

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how they asked: My best friend of 19 years, Anna, picked me up on the morning of Andy and I’s four year anniversary. She took us to get our nails done, we ate some lunch, and then she drove us to a bridge downtown that crosses over the Cumberland River. The bridge shows an amazing view of the skyline of our hometown of Nashville, TN. I was having an awesome day, but was stunned silent because I knew what was about to happen. I think I worried poor Anna sick because she kept asking if I was okay!

We got out of the car and I was immediately searching for him. We walked up the bridge and I started getting confused because I didn’t see him… But then he came from behind a pole and I couldn’t breathe.

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In his hands he had a dozen gorgeous roses, a card, and a binder. After awkward “I’m too anxious to say anything important” small talk from me, he handed me the best gift I could ever imagine. It was a book that chronicled our entire relationship, from day 1. He had kept every silly note and drawing I gave him since we had met and put it in this book along with tons of pictures.

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I was laughing and crying at the same time at the sweetness (and my embarrassingly gushy love notes). When I got to the end, there was a note that said “Megan, you are truly a blessing and such a stellar young lady so I must ask you a question…” and I turned the page and it said “Take a look at me” – so I did and he reached out for my hands. I put everything down and grabbed on to him.

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He began telling me the sweetest words I have ever heard from another human. As much as I tried to remember everything he said, I was so excited I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts. It wasn’t until he was down on one knee that I really woke up!

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I said yes, probably about a thousand times, and we heard clapping all around us. We had gotten a little bit of an audience on the bridge! Afterwards, Anna took some amazing pictures and we went back to her apartment to look at all of them. Andy had planned to take me out to a fancy dinner before we attended the Nashville Predators game that night, but we ended up going to get Mexican in our comfy clothes instead. On top of an already perfect day, our team won 6-2 against the Chicago Blackhawks!

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We have so much fun together and I am so thrilled to be marrying such an amazing person. April 17, 2015 was truly the best day of my life.

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So many thank yous to my best friend in this whole world. I love you bebe, thank you for being such a big part of our special day!