Megan and Andrew

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How We Met

Me and my fiance met when I was in college at Northwest Missouri State University. I worked at Burger King for a while when I was in school, and I worked the front counter and drive through about every night. This guy came through one day and I thought he was cute but nothing happened. After that though, I noticed I was seeing him more and more. He would drive through at least 3 or 4 times a week and smile at me. Honestly it was a little weird but it made me smile. One day when he came through, he wrote his number and name down on the receipt I had just handed him and told me to text him. I immediately ran to my friend and told her about it and she told me to go for it and text him! I sure did and here we are three years later! He went to Burger King for a Whopper and left with a wife! ??

Here’s some pictures of us when we were little babies to now!

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how they asked

Andy had always told his friends that he would never get married, but after going to my cousin’s wedding in October that year, he had started talking about his plans for the future. The wedding bug caught up to him because he was constantly talking about our wedding, and this and that. When he did propose he took me out to Mozingo Lake to a certain spot that was off the beaten path. It was gorgeous out there and we had spent plenty of time out there fishing and playing around. It actually is the same spot where he had asked me to be his girlfriend! When he took me out there that evening, he told me it was too look at the sunset. I walked out to the water and was testing the temperature and looking at the sunset and he strayed behind me. When I turned around to see where he was at, he was kneeling down with the little box, took my hand, and asked me to marry him! It was just me and him for miles around, with the sunset behind us. It was so personal and intimate, we decided to keep it between me and him for about a month. We announced our proposal on Christmas to our friends and family, and set the date for February 24th, 2018!

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