Megan and Alex

Image 1 of Megan and Alex

How We Met: Alex and I first met at MacWheelers (McMaster University) – a spinal cord rehabilitation program where we were both volunteering. It wasn’t quite love at first sight but we slowly developed a friendship over the next few months. Sparks flew at our kinesiology formal that year (likely a combination of wine and Akon dance mix) and we began dating shortly after. The rest is history!

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Image 3 of Megan and Alex

how they asked: It was our 5 year anniversary. We had agreed that this year would be low key – no extravagant presents or “surprises”; no presents. I should have known better – it is Alex after all. He picked me up from work a little early (he had contacted my boss a few weeks prior so they had sneakily cleared my evening patients). When I got into the car I noticed a sticky note on the console.

[Side note: For our very 1st anniversary he created this amazing scavenger hunt that covered all of my favourite sites on campus (my mom used to make scavenger hunts for me as a kid and he knew how much I loved them)].

The sticky note was a clue to the house I lived in during my 3rd year of university (around the same time I met Alex). I looked a little puzzled and he simply said, “let’s go.” Once we got to Hamilton, I was taken to a series of houses/stores/campus locations that were meaningful to the both of us. At each site he had left a letter…I was relieved he had discussed his plan with the home owners earlier in the day so our anniversary didn’t turn into jail time for trespassing.

Our final stop: the very first place we ever met: MacWheelers. As soon as I walked in, I became incredibly emotional (not a shocker for anybody that knows me). The tears were not because I saw the videographer or because I was anticipating a proposal. The tears were related to being in that room. In the video, it looks like simply a boring, old gym. But that room is so incredibly special to me – it’s the room where I met the most incredible person I’ve ever known; it’s the room that influenced my desire to become a physiotherapist; it’s the room that taught me more about life than any class I’ve ever took. From my career choice to my perspective on life, my experience at MacWheelers was truly life changing. If I didn’t already know it, bringing me to that room re-affirmed that Alex knows me better than anyone else in this world.

Image 4 of Megan and Alex

Watching the video brought on a flood of emotions (I apologize for the incessant crying). From Alex’s interview to video submissions from my friends and family, I was truly overwhelmed. I’ll let the video speak for itself but the take home message was clear: he is truly one of a kind.

Photography by Jules Mallari