Meg and Kieran

How We Met: During my senior year of college, I decided I needed more adventure in my life. Having never been outside of North America, I decided to study abroad in Ireland. I arrived to Cork City in August of 2010, and Kieran and I met in early September!

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One evening after class, a couple girlfriends and I decided to go into town for a few pints and some dancing. We hadn’t gone to the nightclub very often, so we decided to check it out that night.

As we were walking across the dance floor, I spotted the tall lad who my roommate was dating at the time. We were chatting away, when he turned to the guy standing next to him and said, “Hey Meg, this is my friend Kieran.” And from that moment forward, my life has honestly seemed like a fairytale in the making!

how they asked:At the moment, I’m living in Image 1 of Meg and KieranUpstate New York, while he is living in Cork City, Ireland. We had a house together last year in Cork, but because of visa restrictions, I unfortunately had to move back to the States this past July. During Columbus Day weekend this past October, Kieran and I each flew into John F. Kennedy airport to spend a few romantic days together in the city.

It was a drizzly autumn day in Manhattan when Kieran and I decided to take a walk through Central Park. We stopped at a local vendor, bought an umbrella, and headed toward the park.

We must’ve walked twenty blocks uptown while crossing quaint bridges and admiring the calming effect the rain has on the city.

At one point, I saw a beautiful bridge in the distance that I wanted to walk toward, and on the way there, we walked through a brush-covered path next to a stream.

As we were walking along the water, Kieran said “Well, this spot looks good…” I turned around to face him, he kneeled down on the muddy path, and asked to spend the rest of his life with me.And if that already wasn’t the best surprise I could’ve gotten, after all of the hugs and kisses and ring admiration, he actually says to me, “Well, this isn’t your real ring, Meg. We’re going shopping today.” I was so thrilled at how romantic everything was, I’d say I was literally skipping through Central Park while we were on our way to 5th Avenue!

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