Meg and Justin

How We Met

We met through mutual friends. A good friend in both of our lives thought we would be perfect for each other. It wasn’t hard to see from the very beginning that we in fact were perfect for each other! After talking on the phone several times, we decided to go out to dinner and bowling. He picked me up early for our date (that’s the military training in him) and I wasn’t done getting ready (that’s the girly girl in me!) He had to wait and talk to my dad until I was done :) Our date lasted 8 hours, from 5pm to 1am ! After that, we saw each other every day for 10 days straight. Fell in love more and more everyday, and our lives would never be the same! He has been through so much in his life and is still the stronger one in the relationship. I am so thankful for him!

how they asked

Justin told me that we were going out to a fancy dinner to celebrate Christmas. On the way to dinner he handed me a blindfold, told me to put it on. I had no idea what was happening!!! He parked the car and held my hands and led me up a few steps and had me sit down. I start hearing all of “our songs” play in the background. He read me a letter proclaiming his love and devotion for me. In the letter he addressed all of the things we had been through thus far and all the things that has made us stronger. He said how much he loves me and then removed the blindfold. I then saw that we were in a gazebo decked out with Christmas lights! I looked to see all the pictures we had ever taken hanging up on one side of the gazebo. There must have been over 200 photos and they were gleaming under the glow of the lights and fluttering in the wind! I immediately start crying! This was better than anything I had ever seen before. He turns me around to show me a handmade mason jar chandelier hanging from the other side of the gazebo. I start crying EVEN harder! I had shown him a picture of the chandelier on pinterest months before. and he went and MADE it for me! Then he points to the last picture hanging up at the bottom and it is a picture of him down on one knee!! I could not believe what was happening to me!! He kneels, pulls out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and asks me to marry him!!! Through the sobs and the tears I scream YES! If we didn’t have dinner reservations immediately after , I would have wanted to stay out there all night long with him! Best night of my life!


Special Thanks

Brent Vaught | 
Shane Co.