Meg and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I were friends on social media but didn’t know each other in person. One morning I logged on and had a message waiting to be read from him. We exchanged messages back and forth for a couple of days before we finally exchanged numbers. We went on a day date towards the beginning of our friendship but by the end of it we both realized that it wasn’t something we wanted to pursue. We remained friends and kept in touch throughout the months but hadn’t seen each other since. And then came August and he invited me to come to his and his twins birthday celebration. Which honestly I was not planning on going, but then he asks when I’ll be there. So on I went to the party! We took our very first picture that night and we were now planning on seeing more of each other. However, a few days later an accident occurred that left my family and I devastated. And here was Jordan, a guy whom I was just getting to know and whom my family had never met going out of his way for us. He was praying for us and getting others to pray for us and then he gets Chick-Fil-A to cater the whole hospital floor that we were in. WOW! We were all blown away by this guy.
I was now going through so much and he remained by my side through it all. He took the time to get to know my family and to become friends with my friends. He created moments of just pure laughter that was much needed for all of us. And he was now someone I cared for and respected because he didn’t have to stick around and do anything. He became someone I wanted to learn more of and so later that year in December 2012 we decided we were now dating!
Through all of the uncertainty, the laughs, the tears, all of our adventures, a dog and the many efforts we put into our relationship we are now getting married and we are so thrilled

how they asked

Jordan proposed the week we went to Topsail, NC to visit my family late July. We had been planning this trip for months, just like we had any other trip and we were so excited. My parents and two of my sisters were there and we were waiting for my third sister to come into town later on in the trip. The whole week so far had consisted of trips to the beach, to the pool, paddle boarding, kayaking, jumping off the dock, eating too much seafood and swinging on the swing in the backyard. And still, I had not noticed or caught on to anything. Tuesday rolled around and my sister arrived. Her and I sat in the sunroom catching up and then she suggests we go out on the dock and take some pictures. Yes, great idea! It’s just my mom, two of my sisters and I taking silly pictures and then Jordan comes around the corner next to the swing and calls out my name. I didn’t even turn around, I just yelled out “no I’m not pushing you on the swing!” He calls my name again and this time I yell “no I don’t want to be pushed!” Finally, seeing how I’m not walking towards him, my mom and sister do and so I followed. Not even paying attention I walk up to the swing and step on a candle, I look down and there are rose pedals and candles outlined in a shape of a heart under the swing. I immediately start backing up as he gets down on one knee. He says out my name and asks if I will marry him and opens the little box with the ring. I am speechless and completely caught off guard and thought he was joking. I kept saying things like, “are you serious” “this isn’t funny, get up” “stop playing around.” After about 5 minutes of him convincing me that it was real, he gets up and asks me again. At this point I still didn’t know how to react and finally said yes!

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.. Later on I learned of his original plan to propose on the dock at night, which is where the candles came into play. But he was so nervous and had been waiting all week to do it, that he just wanted to get it over with as soon as my sister got there so she could capture the moment!

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