Meg and Hueston

How We Met

When Hueston & I met, I was a senior college & he was a senior in college. Hueston swam collegiately with my sister. He had followed me on Twitter because obviously I’m hilarious (he’ll disagree with me on that). Things quickly progressed and unbeknownst to my sister, he had started driving 90 minutes to see me, weekly. What had started as a joke quickly became a serious relationship. Hueston joined the USCG & I went away to college. After being long distance for over 2 years, I moved up to Traverse City to be with him.

Meg and Hueston's Engagement in Traverse City, MI

how they asked

On June 2nd, I came home from a crazy day at work. I was ready to relax, but Hueston had other ideas. He handed me my first clue & told me to head out on my scavenger hunt. I was so confused, but I didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. Each clue took me to our favorite places around town. I went to the USCG base, our favorite breakfast place, the place we get our fur-babies groomed, & our favorite bookstore, just to name a few.

I had to ask someone from each place for a clue. Each clue had a word at the bottom. Once they were all collected, they said “Come meet me at the end of the dock.” I headed to the end of the dock. He was there, on one knee. He asked me to be he wife & through the happiest tears, I gladly accepted. We spent the rest of the evening drinking champagne on the lifeguard chair at our local beach. Best day ever.