Meg and Glenn

Image 1 of Meg and Glenn

How We Met

We met doing a community theater production of Oklahoma! in 2014. I do a lot of community theater, but this was the first show he had ever done. At our read through, I was immediately attracted to him. We were on and off a few years before committing to a relationship in 2016.

How They Asked

Glenn’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. Because of COVID, we ended up just having a small Thanksgiving dinner with my parents. After dinner, I suggested Glenn open his presents before we had dessert. As he was opening presents from my parents, I was mentally thinking how generous they had been with gifts for his birthday! He opened the last box and said “actually, this is for you” and flipped around the presentation box from the jeweler. I was so shocked, it took me a few seconds to register what I was looking at! Needless to say, I had an extra reason to be thankful!