Meg and Gehrig

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How We Met

Our love story starts back in 2013, when I was entering my junior year at Bowling Green State University, studying for my Journalism degree. It was the beginning of July when I was working my hometown summer job (baking donuts at a local bakery) and I felt my phone vibrate while icing some Eclairs. When I realized it was a direct message from a football player, I rolled my eyes. His twitter avatar showed off his abs and a big blonde mohawk. “Hey, do you already go to BGSU?” I responded and he continued asking questions and trying to get to know me. I was always warning my girlfriends never to mess with the football players since they only wanted one thing, so I scoffed at his attempt at what I assumed was a one night stand offer. Feeling particularly snarky, I gave him my number and we began texting. I couldn’t wait for him to ask me something sleazy so I could go off and tell him “Oh no no no buddy! You guys can’t get any girl you want!” – but it never happened!

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This dude (somehow) woo’d me with his words, promising that he wasn’t looking for a hook-up. Ever since that day, we never stopped texting. We spent the entire summer (in Ohio and Indiana) getting to know each other, talking about the upcoming school year and getting excited to finally meet in-person. When his football camp was over, we had a few days before fall semester started. He asked me to come to his apartment so we could finally meet. When he opened the door, I swear the entire world went slow-mo for a second (I know it sounds so crazy, but ever since that day I totally believe in love at first sight!) My heart was thumping with nerves and my first thought was “I’m going to marry this kid” – which totally freaked me out, because who thinks that the first time they see someone!? I brushed it off as him just being incredibly good looking and I actually LOVED the mohawk! We had a fabulous first date at PF Chang’s and never stopped hanging out from that day on. We moved in together for our senior year of college and I loved traveling to all of his football games.

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Rain or shine, I truly enjoyed being able to watch him excel and pursue his dream on the football field. We adopted our french bulldog, Goose and began living our perfect little fairy tale. We graduated from BGSU in 2016, but Gehrig got an offer to transfer to the University of Alabama to obtain his masters degree and play football since he had one football season left to play in the NCAA. We packed up and moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. G played for the #1 team in college football and I worked as a brand awareness coordinator for a fashion brand – we even added a second french bulldog, Lou! We moved to Orlando, FL for a few months so he could train at the ESPN facility during the off-season. He competed in Alabama’s pro-day and we’re currently waiting for the NFL draft to see where this adventure takes us next. I loved being a supportive football girlfriend for four years, but told him it would mean the world to me to enter the next phase of our lives as fiances.

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how they asked

With just a few weeks before the NFL draft, we decided we better take a little vacation before life got busy again. I was throwing out ideas but Gehrig kept telling me how much he wanted to go white water rafting. We’re a pretty adventurous couple – in the off-season, we love paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking and going to the beach, but white water rafting is a little intense for my taste.

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He said it was at the top of his bucket list so I agreed (the things we do for love, right!?) G said we were staying at a motel in Chatanooga, Tennessee for a few days, so we buckled in the bulldogs and began our little road trip. A few hours later, we were puttering up this incredible mountain! I told him we must be lost as we were straying further from the city and, c’mon, what motel would be so far away from everything? We stopped in the driveway of this stunning log-cabin on the top of a mountain. “SURPRISE!”

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He yelled as we got out of the car – I couldn’t even spit out any words, I was so in-awe of the view! A log-cabin is like, my dream home, so I was in heaven – it was called “The Cabin in the Clouds.” We got settled in and G told me to go get ready for a fancy dinner. I showered and got ready, so giddy to be in this amazing venue. We recently bought this awesome camera to document our adventures in better quality, so he wanted to get a picture of us on the deck with a view of the valley. I put my heels on and stood while he fumbled with the camera, saying he couldn’t get the angle just right.

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I took a seat inside and waited until he called me out since he finally found the perfect spot for the camera. I walked to the edge of the deck when all of the sudden, I see his mom – AND MY MOM!? AND MY DAD, AND HIS DAD!? They were holding flowers and cameras, my mind couldn’t even compute was happening. I turned to look at Gehrig – as if to tell him “BABE! Our parents are here!?” and he was already down on one knee!

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He opened the ring box and my absolute DREAM ring was glistening in the sunlight. I was sobbing, our parents were sobbing, it was the best moment of my life. Family means more to me than anything else, so for him to gather our families together for the proposal is proof that I’m engaged to my soul mate.

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We spent the following days hiking and exploring caves and underground waterfalls with our parents – the memories made will be treasured for the rest of my life. *I’m a wedding blogger too, so no pressure!* Our entire relationship has been an adventure, so to take this next step in the mountains of Tennessee was perfect. I said “YES!” in a cabin among the clouds – which was incredibly fitting since I’ve been on cloud 9 since the day we met. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Gehrig Dieter!

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