Meg and Brett

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How We Met

I was on a date with Brett’s best friend at a local bar and he happened to be having drinks there as well. He caught my eye when I was looking around trying to figure out who was throwing food at me and I noticed a french fry leaving his hand and headed my way. After that, Hurricane Sandy hit and we were all camped out a mutual friends house so Brett and I got a chance to talk and get to know each other, but we were only hanging out in groups at the time. A few days later he texted me asking if I want to get drinks after work, so I assumed we were all going and said yes. When we go to the restaurant it was just us for a while and I asked him when everyone else was getting there and he said “Was I supposed to invite anyone else?”. That was it. That was our first date and we’ve been together since.

how they asked

On Valentine’s Day Brett surprised me with tickets to Paris. I was beyond excited; he told me I could only tell one person, I immediately told my sister and my mother.. and then it slipped it out a few more times before we left ;) Two days is a long time for me to keep a trip to Paris to myself! As any girl who’s been with her boyfriend for over 4 years would assume, I thought “this is it, he’s going to propose” but I didn’t want to get my hopes up and I really wanted to enjoy my first time in Paris whether he asked or not. Brett is also the type of guy who messes with me so I thought maybe he would take me on this trip and then have the proposal set up when we get back home so it wasn’t hard to be sure that, however he did it, it would be a surprise.

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We landed in Paris, got to our hotel room and I went straight to sleep. I woke up to Brett telling me to get ready so we wouldn’t miss the light show at the Eiffel tower. We found a quiet, secluded spot at the bottom of the tower and as the lights were going off, he got down on one knee and and asked me if I would marry him. I was so surprised that all I could think was “Really?!?” and that is all that came out and as he stood up and put the ring on my finger he asked me if that meant yes and I finally got the word yes out.

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We travel a lot, Brett and I, and we have pretty much every big moment in our relationship documented in photographs so I was a bit gutted when I looked around and no one was taking our picture. But the next day I woke up and he told me he had hired a photographer to take us around the city.

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I have always hated engagement photos and swore I would never take them, but there was something so sweet and so special about walking around Paris at dawn, kissing my future husband.

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Special Thanks

Odrida - Kiss in Paris
 | Photographer