Meera and Ameet

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How We Met

We met right before both of us were transitioning to the next part of our lives and careers. After a simple talk over tacos and coy smiles, we were inseparable.

Ameet’s residency match led us both to Baltimore, Maryland. Excited and energetic, we created our own memories in Charm City by becoming amateur food sleuths, building lifelong friendships with the most amazing humans, and blooming into the super mature adults we are today!

The more we got to know each other, the more we realized we had as much in common as Tom and Jerry. I have always been bubbly, energetic, and a major chatty Cathy while Ameet has always been calm, composed, and studious. I am a lover of Mondays, obsessed with reality tv, have a passion for the most outlandish fashion, and live my best life mastering the art of nom. Meanwhile, Ameet is just fine listening to medical audio all day, working out until he wants to throw up, eating enough food to feed a small country, and of course, napping any opportunity he gets. Even though we are almost opposite in every way, we are surprisingly compatible and very complementary.

As our time ended in Charm City, we look back realizing that we continue to make better versions of ourselves. Now as we build a new life in Nashville, we are excited to explore all the honky-tonks, become professional food connoisseurs, make amazing new friends, and GET MARRIED!!! 2020 has definitely thrown a small curveball at our wedding plans and of course exploring Nashville but we are optimistic 2021 will be our year!

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How They Asked

It was the day before my birthday and the weekend before we flew to Japan to celebrate Ameet’s match into his fellowship at a very prestigious school. Ameet told me he wanted to take me out to pre-birthday drinks, just us two, at a new cocktail lounge that has just opened up. We ordered a few drinks while looking out at the sunset from the 26th floor and Ameet started reminiscing on our time together. As the sun was setting, he pulled out a small paper luggage bag, got down on one knee, and asked me if I’d go on this journey called life together. I couldn’t have said YES quicker. It could not have been a more perfect way to start my birthday and our trip to Japan.

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Special Thanks

Renee Hollingshead
 | Photographer