Meenu and Mathew

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How We Met

4 years ago at Mathews cousin’s wedding. Long distance relationship.

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how they asked

Today was a beautiful day- a perfect day for a proposal in Central Park. Flashback to a week before today, Mathew found Miranda, photographer Suess Moments on GigMasters (She’s super awesome!). He resides in Florida and I reside in New Jersey (we met at our cousins’ orapeer – in our culture that is the day the two families get together to officially set dates for wedding festivities and literally shake hands on it-SHOUTOUT TO JUSTIN AND TEENA!).

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He inquired with Miranda about areas in Central Park with NYC skyline views and she presented some samples of her favorite spot near the Gapstow Bridge seen in one of the photos here. He was instantly charmed and started to orchestrate ideas. He also hired a talented violinist, Tiffany, who played four beautiful songs that he knew I adored, one of which was “1000 miles” by Vanessa Carlton. How appropriate for our long distance love story?! In preparation, he informed our immediate family and best friends about the surprise! She played “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit as Mathew got down on one knee (which is one of our faves).

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A little background to why I was totally surprised: recently, I graduated with my Master’s and was having a grad party the next day but figured he couldn’t make it because he had just visited couple weekends prior but I planned on visiting FL the following weekend for Mathew’s sister’s engagement party (and we never see each other two weekends in a row). He also said he had a “going away party” for one of his friends and I totally believed it! Little did I know he was actually on the plane to NY with that friend. He purposely picked a little fight with me to completely throw me off and wow it worked, such a clever guy he is!

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As part of Mathew’s master surprise plan, my brother and sister-in-law planned to take me to a super fancy restaurant in NYC so I wanted to look nice because we’d definitely be taking pictures (snap it or it ain’t real right?). My sister-in-law lead the way to “the restaurant” by taking us through Central Park. Being from Jersey, I had no idea where I was going, she’s the NY native so I just followed her lead. I asked my sister-in-law if I could borrow an outfit from her and I later found out that she ordered the beautiful white dress I wore, the night before in my exact size, and got it in time! She played it off by explaining she had this dress for so long and never wore it and it doesn’t fit her anymore-good one sis, I totally bought it! While we were strolling through central park, looking for the restaurant, Mathew, a violinist, a photographer, and a large crowd of strangers impatiently waited for my arrival. As I was walking the path to “About Damn Time!” the crowd started clapping, recording on their devices, cheering me on as I was approaching to what I thought was a wedding or performance, but instead lead me to my honey! He was surrounded by a heart shaped bed of roses. I became so ecstatic and couldn’t believe this actually happening! I got myself together, I approached him laughing uncontrollably. Ya’ll know what happened next…Mathew said some of the sweetest things, whipped out this stunning ring and went down on one knee. I yelled, “IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!”

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Afterwards, my fiance and I did a photo shoot around the park and had such a fun time. The fancy dinner reservations ended up being at the amazing Empire Steak House in NYC where we shared a delicious meal and drinks. But wait the surprises don’t end here. After dinner, Mathew takes me to the Kimberly Hotel in Manhattan and when the door to our room opens, I walked into a room full of our loved ones from near and far, and was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. They even had “Love on Top” by Beyonce playing as we entered the room (My favorite Beyonce song!). The room was beautifully decorated with balloons and pictures of us (shout out to the dream planning team-Leslie, Maya, and Teena and all of my cousins who helped set up) . We popped champagne, cut a cake, and ate chicken nuggets (another fave). Afterwards everyone went upstairs to the rooftop where we celebrated and danced the night away. It was the perfect way to end the night. In the end, I am engaged to my love, who is also attending my graduation party after all. We are so excited for this new chapter of our lives.

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“When I am with you..there’s no place I’d rather be…” :)

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Special Thanks

Miranda Suess
 | Photographer
Tiffany Weiss
 | Violinist