Medina and David

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How We Met

We met in the hospital in Las Vegas. I was a 4th year medical student and he was a PTA and we were both taking care of the same patient in the ICU. We literally crossed paths and he spent the rest of the afternoon finding out my number. He texted me and invited me for coffee. I refused at first because I had my heart broken 3 months earlier and had sworn off dating. He spent the next 5 months courting me and would surprise me with my favorite Trader Joe’s cookie butter on my front porch and bake me almond butter flax, chia seed cookies. But the moment I knew he was the one was when I was unable to go home for Christmas and I told him and he decorated my entire porch and walkway with fake snow and lights and xmas decorations so that I would feel like I was getting the white Christmas even though I could not go home to Montana. We started dating soon after that and the rest is history!

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how they asked

I have always dreamed of getting married in Napa Valley and had not so subtly made sure David knew this. We went to Napa to escape work and crazy 80 hour work week schedules for a 4 day getaway. He got one day to plan and I got another. He took me to a castle, Castello Di Amorosa and we went on a wine and food pairing tour. At the end of the tour (the tour guide knew the entire time that David would be asking me to marry him), the tour guide said that anyone who wished could go back up to the top of the tallest tower and have another view of the 360 degree Napa Valley views. David and I went up as well as another couple from Hawaii we had just met. Little did I know that they had offered to film the entire proposal for us. David then got down on one knee and I immediately burst into tears and cannot even remember all the words he said except when he asked me to make him the happiest, luckiest man on the earth and marry him.

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