Meaghan and Zack

How They Asked

Zack asked me in Fredericksburg, TX, where we had our first trip together. We were road-tripping down on a Wednesday and he had thrown me off the trail for months. On our way into town, he suggested we go to Becker Vineyard to take pictures (like we did last year) in the flower fields and have a wine tasting. He said it was “ladies night” ;). As we approached the flowers he told me to go out in the field so he could get a pic.

Proposal Ideas Fredericksburg TX

Meaghan's Proposal in Fredericksburg TX

After he got a few, he came out to me and began his speech. He said “my life is a million times better with you than without you and I never want to do anything without you on my team ever again. So, Meaghan, will you marry me?” I’m just glad I remember this much of his beautiful words! I look up and I see a photographer and that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is real, this is it, this is my future and my forever. It was the best day of my life.

Special Thanks

Lauren Bosse
 | Photographer