Meaghan and Troy

How We Met

Troy and I met in our sixth-grade science class… fast forward to high school and we still remained very close friends. We dated other people all through grade school and somehow just never shared a romantic connection. (At least so I thought). I mean it was Troy… he was always the best guy friend I went to for petty boy advice or would hit up if the girls and I wanted to go to a party in high school but the older we got, the closer we got in our friendship. In 2013 after graduating high school, I moved out of state for college but we still kept in good touch – hanging out at bonfires over Christmas breaks, going to the beach together over summer, and STILL asking each other for dating advice/who the other one was romantically interested in. We were just always that fun best girl and best guy friend, ya know? Like a Monica and Chandler if you will. In the winter of 2014, at our friend group’s annual Christmas party, Troy and I were hanging out just like we always did. As the night went on, things became more flirty with the more alcohol that was involved and he leaned in and kissed me.

Meaghan and Troy's Engagement in Looking Glass Falls - Asheville, NC

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Looking Glass Falls - Asheville, NC

Me being me abruptly pulled away and mentioned this was a bad idea and it would ruin our great friendship. He understood but wasn’t totally convinced of my feelings. New Year’s Eve rolled around and we were going to the same party (per usual) and there was a guy there from my past that kept making joking comments to me that he was going to “find me at midnight.” Troy kept telling me, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he doesn’t try to make a move on you.” The countdown to 2015 began and at that moment I knew Troy was going to kiss me again except this time, there was no pulling away. After that night, I went back to college and we acted as though the romantic connection didn’t happen and that everything was normal. All of my college friends kept telling me how much they thought Troy liked me and things like that and I always just shooed it away but when that summer came around, my life was changed forever. We started that summer and never looked back again, we quickly fell for each other and spent countless days together going for walks, watching movies, and hanging out with our solid group of hometown friends. The best part was that none of the friends knew about us but us. We decided to keep “us” a secret until we knew for sure that it wasn’t just a “fling.” After a few visits with each other that fall semester and a great Christmas break spent together, I knew New Year’s was going to be so special. Troy asked me to be his girlfriend at midnight and the secret was out. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Countless vacations, long drives to hike in North Carolina on the weekends, beach days, summer nights spent watching the sunset; you name it. I still can’t believe after all of this time, he was always right in front of me!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Looking Glass Falls - Asheville, NC

How They Asked

Troy and I and two of our coupled friends planned a mini fall getaway to Asheville, NC. Being from Charleston, the mountains are a special treat for us and since Troy and I love to hike, the four drive is always worth it. We made our way to NC on Friday night, November 15th in the dark, pouring rain. Everyone was pretty beat after all of us working that day and also everyone seemed kind of distant to me but I convinced myself I was just being dramatic. We arrived at our Airbnb cabin and started drinking. It was nice to finally get there, relax, and all just spend time together. The next morning, all of us got up early, drank some coffee, and got ready for our 5-mile hike in Pisgah National Forest. Everything seemed so normal and relaxed so I really didn’t have any real expectations of a proposal. Troy drove us to the trailhead (or so I thought) and said we were going to go down to see this giant waterfall before going on our 5-mile hike. If you know Troy at all, he is not an “off the side of the road attraction with real stairs and handrails” kind of hiker so this seemed odd to me. I asked, “Why are we going here, this seems lame.” (Oops.) Everyone convinced me otherwise and said the giant waterfall would be cool to take pictures of and see up close.

We all trekked down there and Troy was setting up his tripod and taking photos of our two other couple friends that came along with us which is completely normal because he takes pictures everywhere we go. He then asked our friend, Jackson, to take some of us so we went over closer to the waterfall and took some pictures. At this moment, I heard Troy’s voice get a serious tone when he said my name and I knew exactly what was happening. He got down on one knee in front of an amazing waterfall & captured it all at the same time. I could not believe this was real life. After we spent some time soaking it in at the waterfall, we went on to do our 5-mile hike and we popped mini champagne bottles at the top! It was a dream come true. I still feel like I’m living in a dream and I can’t wait to see our future adventures!!!