Meaghan and Nathan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In his Grandparents back yard in Colville, WA.

I’m sharing my story in hopes that it will inspire people that true, fairytale love is real! My fiancé and I met on June 11th, 2014…I was living in Texas at the time and I was flying back home to Spokane, WA to visit friends and family. Nathan had just served 4 years in the Marines and was headed to his hometown, Lewiston, Idaho. We both had a connecting flight in Arizona. I had never flown by myself before so I was a little flustered to say the least.

I finally made it to my flight and there he was. I still remember how I felt looking for my seat on the plane and then locking eyes with him….realizing my seat was right next to his. My whole body felt calm and peaceful, as if I was home. My first reaction was to hand him all of my bags! We talked for about 2 hours and i felt as if i knew him my whole life. So of course we had to kiss before we went our seperate ways! We both knew we couldn’t be apart. So one month later he moved to Texas with me and then we both moved back to Spokane 6 months later! It was definitely love at first flight!

We’ve now been together for over three years. He proposed on Thanksgiving Day 2016. Both of our families were having dinner at his Grandparents lake place in Colville, WA. I suggested we go outside to take a family photo because there was fresh snow and the lake was frozen over, it was so beautiful. After the photo, his grandma suggested we get one of just him and I for our annual Christmas card. I was so focused on the photo I didn’t even make the connection that this was THE moment. All of a sudden he’s down on one knee and all of my dreams are coming true right before my eyes! Both of our families knew and they were all in on the surprise! You could truly feel the love in the air.

My life has been so beautiful and wonderful because of him. We were married in the same spot on June 11th, 2017…the same day we met, 3 years prior. I could never be able to explain the amount of love I feel for my husband and I thank him and God everyday for this beautiful life.