Meaghan and Kevin

how they asked

On a Saturday morning, Kevin and I decided to make a trip out to the North Fork of Long Island, home to beautiful vineyards, including our favorite -Martha Clara. We drank delicious wine with our closest friends and enjoyed what was soon to be one of the best days of our lives. After making a lot of toasts, exploring a lot of places, and taking a lot of pictures, we came across what we now call the “Secret Garden.” For all we know, it could have been there for years, but we had never seen it in all the times we had visited. Walking into it was surreal; flowers were in full bloom, the landscape was its brightest green, and we were totally removed from everyone at the vineyard. I was in complete shock that this place existed and I never knew about it.

Where to Propose in Martha Clara Vineyards

After checking out the scenery, a friend asked us if we wanted another picture in our new favorite spot. Before I knew it, Kevin was on one knee asking me to marry him. In that moment, I smiled from ear to ear and said yes to my soulmate. Within a matter of seconds, I turned my head to find all of our closest family and friends surrounding us with absolute joy in their eyes. For the rest of our lives, we will always hold this “Secret Garden” close to our hearts. I love you, Kevin.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Martha Clara Vineyards