Meaghan and Jesse

How We Met

My big brother was bestfriends with Jesse’s two older brothers. Since we were the two younger siblings we tagged along. We then became involved in a traditional Portuguese dance called “Carnival,” there is where all the magic started. Jesse was 17 and I was 15 we became best friends and would talk everyday all day. We began to know everything about one another, from our favorite foods to hobbies our goals in life, etc. From there I became his first girlfriend and he became my first boyfriend. Everytime I would hear his name or the sound of his voice sparks would fly through me. I knew then he was the one. I knew he would be the first and last love of my life.

how they asked

We decided to plan a Walt Disney World trip for our 8 year anniversary! We arrived in Florida a few days before our anniversary. Our first stop was Epcot. We got the most amazing picture at night in front of Space Ship Earth all lit up. I wanted to get a photo infront of Cinderella’s Castle as well since we had the memory maker I wanted to take advantage of all the photos we could get! On our 8 year anniversary we arrived at Magic Kingdom! We started off having the best day of our lives. We went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride because it was my favorite movie of all time just to find out it was closed. I was so upset so to cheer me up he had the make up artist fully dress him up as Captain Jack Sparrow! Let me tell you he made one hell of a pirate! He walked around all day dressed up. We then went back to the hotel to change for dinner we had reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant, where I must say was the most amazing restaurant I had ever seen. I felt like I walked in to the Beauty and the Beast movie. After dinner we watched the lightshow, it completely took my breath away. Before the park closed he asked if I still wanted a photo infront of the castle. Of course my reaction was yes! When it was our turn for the photo he put his back pack down and whispered into the photographer’s ear. I, thinking that he just stated we had the memory maker but he actually told him he was going to “Pop the Question! ” The photographer had us do a few funny poses then told us to kiss. During our kissing photo he screamed okay now freestyle! When he released me from his kiss I opened my eyes to him down on one knee! I was completely surprised and speachless! He planned it absolutely perfectly! We arrived home two days later and he had planned with my mother & godmother a beautiful engagement party for us to come home to. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal or future husband. Its been 8 years together and he still gives me butterflies!

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