Meaghan and Brian

How We Met: So me and Brian met at a hole in the wall bar. It’s kind of funny because it’s a bar we both went to for a while without meeting each other. And actually the year before we met, I held a fundraiser there for a half marathon I was running(in Disney, ironically). And we later figured out that he was there and even donated to me! Goes to show that everything happens in the time it’s meant to. We also even went to the same college at the same time without meeting!

Image 11 of Meaghan and Brian

how they asked: Fast forward a short 10 months (hey when you know you know) he proposed down the Jersey Shore on Labor Day weekend. I had rented a house down there with some girlfriends for the summer and it was the last place I thought he’d do it. However the weather took a turn for the worse, and all his plans were shot. He intended on doing it at our favorite little outdoor restaurant/bar on a pier in the marina. He even contacted the local band playing there and paid them to learn our song (Who I am With You, Chris Young). However the rain forced the manager to cancel the band and we got soaked as we ate and drank at the bar. He was acting all weird and we left in sort of a hurry. He drove over to the lake where our house was near and told me to get out and wait under a gazebo.

Image 1 of Meaghan and Brian

Mind you I’m sopping wet. Hair gross with makeup running down my face. And a few minutes later he walked over with the song playing on his iPhone. We started dancing and when the song finished he got down on one knee. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen him cry. It ended up being more beautiful and perfect than anything he could have planned. The words he spoke to me when he asked me to marry him were more meaningful than any sort of big display. It was intimate and that was the moment I had dreamt of my whole life. It wasn’t fireworks, or a band or any of the big productions I had thought I wanted. It was the man of my dreams exposing his heart and soul to me. And the best surprise was he had my mom and grandmother waiting at my aunt’s house who lived 20 minutes away, so we all were able to celebrate.

Image 2 of Meaghan and Brian

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These are from our engagement photo session this past week in Magic Kingdom in Disney World. We are getting married in Disney on January 15, 2016!

Engagement Shoot Photography by Lotus Eyes Photography