Meaghan and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I met while working at our local home improvement store during college. We lived in the same city but went to different schools…not to mention he’s also two years older than me. Because of our different positions at work, we hardly ever interacted with each other. It wasn’t until several years after we both graduated college, moved onto different career paths, been in a other relationships, etc that we would meet again. I was at a point in my life where I was starting over in all aspects, putting my happiness first – so part of that turned into randomly texting Adam and asking him out to lunch. Lunch turned to numerous conversations, then a first date, then the rest is history!

how they asked

A year and a half into our relationship, I saw my favorite photographers, The Ulmers, were offering mini sessions. Since I had been a forever fan of the husband and wife duo, I knew this would be my only chance to snag some incredible photos of Adam and I. Little did I know Adam had a bigger plan. The week leading up to the photo session, Adam was acting weird. He wouldn’t let me come over to his house, deflecting plans, etc. Even leading up to the day of, he came up with every excuse to not let me bring his clothes over to his house to where for the photographs. He managed to meet me at the hair salon after I had just gotten a fresh blowout ;) Fast forward to the photoshoot, it was only supposed to be 20 minutes. After meeting Amber, I immediately felt comfortable and lost track of time. She guided Adam and I around her backyard (where the photos were taken), and we ended up in the final spot where little did I know, this was the spot Adam had previously hind the ring box when he was over, planning with Amber. Before I knew it, Adam got down on one knee, started speaking, and I was in complete shock.

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I had always told Adam that if we got engaged, I’d want it to be photographed. Well clearly he listened, considering he got my all time favorite photogpraher to capture it! After saying YES, I then look over to see that my parents, his parents, and grandmother were walking towards us. They had snuck to where we were and watched the whole thing unfold. They were even holding the signs that said “Will you marry Adam”. I cannot stop counting my blessings for this man being brought into my life. With the wedding in just a few short months, we are anxious to watch our special day unfold through the lens of The Ulmers!!

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Also, on our family beach trip, Adam couldn’t help himself and asked me to marry him again with a giant diamond ring float. In his words “found the woman so nice, I had to ask twice” :)

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Special Thanks

Amber Ulmer
 | Photographer