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How We Met

Shawn and I met through mutual friends awhile back. We started out as “just friends” and hung out in group settings here and there. As our friendship grew, we became best friends. We would chat every day, hang out one-on-one, and practically knew everything about each other. At that point, I was still pretty adamant that we were “just friends,” although he now admits that while he would always be respectful of my wishes, he also always held a small crush and hoped it would escalate into more. We decided to go on a spontaneous road trip to Disneyland together one weekend. It was as we were running around the park together that I saw him in a new light and realized I had feelings for him. He also now admits that it was on this trip he realized he didn’t just have a crush on me, but he was already in love with me! I wasn’t aware of his feelings at this time, and he wasn’t aware of mine. So after the trip, it was still another week before we opened up to one another about our feelings and officially got together. But that trip to Disneyland was definitely the magic moment that sparked it all, so it really turned into our special place.

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how they asked

We had talked about marriage before, but with so much else going on at the time the idea of it happening anytime soon had honestly fallen off my radar! We try to go to Disneyland every few months or so and were planning another trip, but this time my parents, brother, and a couple old family friends decided to tag along. We grew up going and have discussed a family trip back many times, so this didn’t raise any flags or warning signs for me. Back at Christmas, my mom had purchased me a new pair of Disney-ears I had been eyeing, and Shawn bought me a pair of shoes I had been eyeing. Shawn claims he had nothing to do with getting my family there or my mom purchasing me those ears, but I felt pretty special in my sparkle shoes and floral ears, so I guess the universe really wanted it to be the perfect moment too! Still, I had NO clue what was about to happen! He knew he wanted to ask me at the wishing well in Disneyland because I have a soft spot for the scenery and the whole idea of making wishes.

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Shawn also said he was nervous, so he wanted to get it out of the way early in the day, but as we got toward the park, I pushed for us to head into California Adventure first. Not wanting to give anything away, Shawn and my family followed as I dragged them in line for two of the major rides in CA. Finally, my mom said she really wanted to get over to Disneyland to see the castle since it had been so long, but as soon as we got over there I was adamant that we grab some breakfast first! Apparently, I made the whole thing a little difficult haha! After we ate, we all made a quick bathroom break, and apparently, at this point, Shawn grabbed the ring out of my dad’s camera bag and got mic’d up so my dad could video the whole thing! Finally, we headed over to the wishing well. There were a few other people around to see the moment, but it wasn’t overcrowded. It was perfect. My mom handed out pennies to everyone in our group and we walked up to make our wishes. It was at this point that I didn’t notice everyone else in our group step back. Shawn and I made our wishes and tossed our coins in.

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He asked what I wished for knowing I would respond with, “I can’t tell you it won’t come true!” He then said, “Well I’m not sure if I believe in that, so I’m going to tell you what I wished for,” and got down on his knee, pulled out the ring, and asked me to marry him. I was FLOORED! It was the perfect moment and the whole rest of the day is still a blur!

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