Meagan and Ryan

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How We Met

As most 20 somethings living in big cities, Ryan and I connected on Tinder (what what!) back in 2017 in good ol New York City. I’m an actor turned yoga instructor/author/photographer and he’s in Finance.

What started off as something super casual and just a random fun date bled into another date just days later, then another and another until we realized we’d seen each other multiple times a week since the day we met. As we were commuting one Saturday, I blurted out “my mom’s coming in next week, do you want to meet her?” Immediately, I froze…why did I do that?! It’s too soon!!! He of course said, “sure!” got off the A train and as the doors closed I smacked my palm to my head. Rookie mistake, it’s definitely weird that I asked him 3 weeks in to meet my mom. The next day, he sent over info for a brunch reservation at Essex in the LES saying, “Sunday at 11 am, made a reservation for you, me and your mom for a bottomless brunch spot! I can’t wait!” He showed up looking so sharp, was outgoing and charming and I knew that day that this would be the man I marry.

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For anyone who lives in NYC, you know how hard it is to date and actually find someone worth locking yourself down with. My friends were constantly asking how I found someone so incredible on a dating app! He was constantly cooking for me, creating fun mix playlists to send to me during our workdays, made sure to bring me coffee in bed and would always pull his guitar out to strung before bed. Besides his wonderful personality, addiction to coffee, and great taste in music, I was specifically drawn to Ryan’s sense of adventure and travel bug ways. Very soon after dating, we began to plan extravagant trips: we booked a trip to Italy only having dated 4 months! Another one being a West Coast road trip.

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How They Asked

We’d never really talked about wedding stuff, or proposal stuff and I told myself over and over I never wanted to be the girl that begged/nagged/expected it to happen. Besides getting tipsy and friends’ weddings and hinting slightly, it wasn’t really discussed. Being an engagement photographer myself, I’d always gabbed to Ryan about the best and WORST proposals I’d shot, what the guys did right, what would have made a better experience for the soon to be brides, etc. Thus began his perfect proposal…June 19th we started our epic road trip.

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Little did I know, Ryan had a proposal in the works from the very beginning, months and months prior to the planning process. Stop one was San Diego, stop two was LA and our next stop was Yosemite where we’d spend two days hiking and camping at the National Park. We ventured to our first easy hike of the day, Sentinel Dome which would then lead to Taft Point. Ryan was eagerly snapping pictures as we ascended.

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Anytime we’ve hiked together, I’ve always propped my camera up against anything I could find on the peaks post-hike. Brilliantly, Ryan has noted this and bought himself a tripod for the trip. He’s taken up photography since we started dating, so the excitement of his new toy distracted me from the fact that he planned on proposing.

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Once we hiked Sentinel Dome, he brought out his tripod to play with it. Me, not thinking twice as he loves photography, happily posed as he chose new backgrounds to shoot. On the 4th frame, he said “okay one more!” in which he ran over, took a breath, and casually dropped to one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM. I immediately replied with “WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHATTTT!!!” times 50, then “are you serious” and finally, “YES.” (Y’all, he photographed his own proposal!!!!)

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We then hiked up to Taft, where I spent 90% of the hike staring at my left hand. How special that he chose this trip as we got to then spent the next 8 days of our road trip soaking up the giddiness of being newly engaged! Extra special detail? We’d been camping at Yosemite, and my expectation was that we’d be just going back to the campsite and making hotdogs with mac and cheese (not a bad option at all, might I add!) but he’d booked a reservation at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel for a fancy dinner to celebrate. We finished our hike, then went back to the car to freshen up and put on fancy clothes. 20/10, the best day of my life. Future grooms, take note!

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