Meagan and Robin

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We had been dating for just shy of 5 years. Every year on our anniversary, we would hole ourselves up at the lake for the weekend. We watched movies, drank wine and cooked for one another. We never changed out of our sweatpants. Every year, we went for a walk by a little creek not far from the cottage – a tradition we hadn’t even realized we started. As I woke up, and we got ready for the day – I was in a horrid mood. I had no desire to do anything, and just wanted to stay at the cottage. It was so gloomy outside. Robin kept nudging, saying the fresh air would cheer me up, and giving me different places we could go walk instead. He was so adamant. As we left the cabin for our walk, it started pouring. We drove throughout Pinawa, looking at all the deer in the town – it was one of my favourite things to do on a gloomy day at the cottage.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pinawa, Manitoba

As we pulled up to the trail, I put up my hood and pouted my way out of the truck. We walked for a few minutes, and Robin kept talking about when we had first met. How quickly we fell in love, how much he loved me – and I ignorantly paid no attention. I kept walking ahead, pouting. When we came to a clearing, he began telling me how he had always dreamed of me becoming his wife. I still had no idea. He pulled me in for a hug, and quickly got down on one knee, asking me to be his wife. I was in shock. I just nodded my head quickly and held out my left hand, waiting for him to put the ring on me as I shook in the cold rain. I skipped back toward the truck, holding his hand and feeling so shocked, and giddy and in love. It was perfect – him and I, in one of my favourite places – and I was completely unknowing.