Meagan and Patrick

Meagan and Patrick's Engagement in Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

A family trip to Ireland turned even more magical than expected. After a jet lag, pint drinking first day we set out to the Cliffs of Moher for our first site of this beautiful country. I wanted to see these cliffs more than anything.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

As we walked up the the cliffs Pat said let’s walk up to the right, where there is no wall. I follow him, not realizing the 20 other family members who were with us went the complete opposite way?! We climbed the walk up to the top and took in the most breathtaking view. Luckily the 80% chance of rain held out. Once I caught my breath ( from the walk up) I asked the lady next to us to take our picture. She had done just that but when she was done I had felt Pat start to move down to his knee (or lack there of because of the puddle). I naturally hit him asking what he was doing (he’s known for getting down on his knee as a joke). The realization hit that this was not a joke and it was the REAL DEAL. I totally blacked out and never said yes until we walked back down to see all of my family and friends cheering us on! Thank you to the lady who kept snapping our most memorable pictures.