Meagan and Nicholas

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How We Met

About 16 years ago in “PANACHE,” a teen club in Bensonhurst Brooklyn I saw this short, really cute boy from across the club. White Nike hat, white basketball shorts, white T-shirt, all I wanted was to say hi, but I was too shy, a friend of mine though, knew exactly who he was and wanted to introduce us, I said no, and I thought that was the end of it. Little did I know, he also asked that same friend who I was and how he could meet me. So, he showed up to my high school a few times, but of course my mom picked me up and I was already gone. We both gave up and moved on. Fast forward about 6 years I’m now 20 and at that same friends 21st birthday party. I walk in and there he is, same boy, about 2 ft taller but just as handsome! We hit it off right away, he was friends with my brother for years (and we had no idea.) We went out on a few dates, and it was all a lot of fun. It didn’t quite work out though and we both went our separate ways. We each had long relationships and about 5 years later I got a comment on an Instagram photo. We said we should meet up and Memorial Day weekend 2013 we met up infront of Dyker Park. We got there around 12am and hung out, talked, laughed, joked, till about 8am. We watched the sun rise together and that morning we went our separate ways with a kiss I knew it magic and the right timing! A few hours later he called me and came over and he basically never left. Almost 5 years later we have been though a lot together but it only made us stronger and more perfect for each other! That short boy with the white Nike hat and basketball shorts name is Nicholas Louisa and one day soon I will be his Mrs! A relationship 16 years in the making!

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how they asked

On December 23, 2017, Nicholas and I had a date day planned, we went out for breakfast and I started to feel sick. After going back to his brothers house to relax for a little we went walking around 5th ave in Prospect Park. I still wasn’t feeling good and almost went home when Nick told me he had one more surprise. Since I wasn’t feeling well I closed my eyes for the car ride. When we got into bay ridge I opened my eyes and guessed exactly where we were going. A close friend of mine had just opened the restaurant Patsy’s and we had talked about going there. When we arrived our friend Charlie took us for a tour, brought us down stairs and through the kitchen. As we came up the back stairs he told us “there was a private party happening in the back room.” The room divider opened and there were our families and friends holding us a sign that asked “Meagan will you marry me?” I immediately put my head in my hands and began to cry. When I finally looked at the man of my dreams down on one knee and my beautiful new accessory in the coolest picture box ever, I said “YES,” and all my dreams came true!!!!!

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Special Thanks

Charlie cavallo
 | Charlie not only helped my FIANCÉ get me the most beautiful ring, but when the day came and It was raining