Meagan and Neith

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How We Met

I will never forget the first time I saw Neith. It was a gorgeous Saturday at The Common Table in Uptown, Dallas. I was brunching with my sister and friends when I noticed this adorable man in a backward hat, smiling from ear to ear at the opposite end of the patio with his group of friends. Thank God I had been wearing a black floppy hat and reflective sunglasses so he didn’t notice me creepily staring at him. I couldn’t help myself! It was the strangest feeling.

The fact that he was handsome didn’t faze me. It was his transparent good nature and genuine spirit that instantly captivated my heart. His positive energy literally radiated across the room and took my breath away. Trust me, I know how dramatic and cheesy it sounds, but I had never felt that way about anyone in my life. In that moment, he changed me forever without saying a word. I knew wholeheartedly that even if I never saw him again, I needed to be with a man like that.

After this revelation, I eventually snapped out of my starry-eyed gaze and faced what I thought was the reality of the situation: I wouldn’t actually ever meet him, nor would he notice me. So I ordered another Mimosa and carried on with brunch.

And Then It Happened..

About 30 minutes later, he stood up and slowly started walking towards the end of the restaurant where I was sitting. He stopped to say hi to a group of people along the way while I prayed he might notice me as he got closer.

Before I knew it, he cleared the crowd and was headed straight toward me. My heart was beating out of my chest and the butterflies were FLYING. As he approached, he took the time to introduce himself to every single person at the table (which I loved), saving me for last. He lost his voice from the night before so I could barely hear him, but nonetheless, it was all laughs, smiles and the best small talk I’d ever had.

A few weeks later he asked me out on our first date. Four courses, five bottles of wine, and six hours of conversation later, we found ourselves closing down the restaurant. All of the cliches came true that night: “love at first sight”, “when you know, you know”, “everything happens for a reason”, etc. I was on cloud nine. We spent the entire first year of our relationship talking about everything and anything you can imagine until the wee hours of the morning. I will never forget after barely a month of knowing each other, Neith sat me down, looked me in the eye and said,

“I hope you know you are it for me. I am going to marry you.”

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how they asked

Fast forward a year and a half later to Saturday, November 5th, 2016.

I woke up thinking it would be a pretty mellow day. My dear friend Stephanie Drenka (who unbeknownst to me played an integral part in the surprise) mentioned months ago (so well played) that she wanted to get back into photography and asked if I would do a shoot with her soon. I happily agreed and we set the date for November 5th. When she arrived to pick me up that afternoon, I was running late as usual. I knew she wanted to shoot in Deep Ellum (an eclectic district in Dallas famous for its amazing spray-painted wall art), but I wasn’t sure what I should wear. Steph played it super cool and said she envisioned a dressy look against the artsy walls for an edgy contrast. I reluctantly agreed and threw on a little dress, making her promise she wouldn’t shoot close enough to see my pale, unshaved legs.

We finally made it to Deep Ellum where we took a couple photos at a random wall before she leads me to what would be the biggest shock and surprise of my entire life.

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As I crossed the street, I noticed a huge wall with the words “I LOVE YOU” painted on it.

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I had absolutely no idea it was for me until I got closer and saw Neith standing on a roll-out red carpet, flowers in hand, next to the other side of the wall that read:

“Meagan, you are my best friend and have the most amazing heart! I can’t wait to do life together! Will you marry me? – Neith”

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Before I could process another thought, Jimi Dawson, (the incredibly talented musician who I couldn’t stop raving about after he serenaded us on our one-year anniversary gondola date) began playing our song, “You and I” by John Legend.

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I ran into Neith’s arms deliriously sobbing with joy. It finally registered what was happening and the only thing I knew was that I never wanted this moment to end.

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When I thought it couldn’t get sweeter, all of our closest family and friends emerged from behind the wall to witness the big moment. At that point I was so overwhelmed with emotion I could hardly breathe.

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Jimi finished the song and everyone we love crowded around us. Neith began expressing his love as he got down on one knee and asked the question I had been dreaming of hearing since the first day I met him at The Common Table,

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“Will you Marry me?”

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SO MANY EMOTIONS. Jimi began playing “All of Me” by John Legend as Neith put the ring on my finger. We stood holding each other, soaking in every precious moment.

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He didn’t make it far into the song before it fully hit me how many family and friends from all over were actually there. It was all a blur at that point but I just remember being surrounded by so much love. Hugs, kisses, photos and tears galore!

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After the proposal, Neith had champagne waiting for everyone inside Bucky Moonshine’s (the bar that so graciously allowed him to have the mural painted on their wall). Jimi serenaded us with one more amazing original song and then my precious daddy gave the most heart-warming first toast.

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And the celebration begins! Neith and my parents arranged an absolutely beautiful surprise engagement party right afterward at The Common Table, where it all began.

Neith, I am so blown away by every detail of this proposal and cannot even fathom the time and effort it took to make it happen. You pulled on heart strings and emotions I didn’t even know I had. It’s impossible to express the euphoria and pure bliss that overtook me when you got down on one knee. Although I could never repay you for such a priceless moment, what I promise you is this:

I will without question be the most loyal, supportive, understanding, embracing and loving wife to you until death does us part. Our love for each other is rare, intentional, and on purpose. You are my gift from God and I cherish every second we have together now and for the rest of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Stephanie Drenka
 | Photographer
Jimi Dawson
 | Musician
Dusty Gilpin
 | Wall Artist