Meagan and Mathew

Meagan's Proposal in Democrat Point. Long Island NY

How We Met

Mathew and I met at a bar named “Finley’s” in 2014. My friend, Alessia and I were planning to going out with a bunch of other girls, but they all bailed! We decided to go anyway, It was just us two which was a first! We headed over to the bar to get some drinks when we noticed this very tall, bearded guy with a shirt that says “boobies make me smile” So we obviously thought it was the cutest/ funniest thing. Kenny’s shirt was most definitely a conversation starter because I noticed one of his friends, this blonde hair blue eyed boy make his way into the mix. We started talking, somehow started holding hands- and the rest is history. We found ourselves in the corner of the bar talking the whole night! ( as for my best friend, she was hiding behind a curtain drinking water, watching! OOPS! but she forgives me and has a story for the wedding! ) Best of all, NOW we have our new puppy and his name is FINLEY!

how they asked

The plan was for Mathew and I to go out to dinner for our four year anniversary. And the previous week , he was pushing to go out to the “drive on beach” with two of our other friends. I found it weird that he wanted to spend our anniversary with friends but he seemed very excited so I didn’t make TOO much of a fuss, only a little! After dinner we went home to pick up our pup, some blankets and OF COURSE I decide to change out of my cute outfit because I knew it was going to be cold. We finally get to the spot where our friends were parked on the beach. I see my two BEST friends, who I wasn’t expecting at all. Mathew’s brothers and their wives and that’s when I KNEW! I started crying immediately. He pulled me to the water and dropped to his knee! I am not sure if I said any words!

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