Meagan and John

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My house

How We Met

We met on the dating app hinge. John was my first date off of there.

How They Asked

We decide to have a chill Valentine night and cook dinner and enjoy the night with my dog. While cooking dinner we only set off 1 smoke detector (a victory for two people who don’t usually cook.)

We decided to open presents after dinner. After the exchange, John said that he needed Brinley(my dog)’s help for my last present. He gave me a valentine that was from Brinley, it said:

“Hi mom, I love you and I love Mr. John! I’ve been a really good girl. Can I have some treats (see treat list below)?”

As I unfolded the paper it listed her favorite treats one by one:

Crunchy treats
Dent-a sticks
wait there is more…
Can Mr. John officially be my dad?

Confused as to what I read, I said: “You want to adopt Brinley?” When I looked up John was down on one knee and proposed. Obviously I said yes!

I was completely shocked! The proposal was beautiful and very us! I loved every minute of it! We spent the weekend telling our family and friends!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My house