Meagan and Jack

11046933_926427547376293_245225856553079652_nHow We Met: Jack and I actually met through one of my ex-boyfriends. Shortly after graduating college, I moved back home and started dating a guy in my hometown that I was talking to during my last few months of college.

About a week after I moved back home, my ex and I went out to a local dive bar with a friend of his named Sean (Jack’s brother). My ex, Sean and I were all hanging out there and they could not stop talking about Jack.

How funny he was and how much he is going to make me laugh! Jack ended up meeting us out that night and we instantly became friends. They were not wrong…he was hysterical. He was literally my best friend not long after.

We talked everyday, went on long walks all the time, woke up sharing silly quotes and jokes and just talking about every day life. He has two little boys from a previous marriage and the four of us would go on walks at the park and hangout all the time.

They knew me pretty well and I was around them more than any other girl he had ever known. He refused to introduce them to other people unless they were someone he trusted. My ex and I dated for a little over a year and throughout that time, Jack and I were still the best of friends. Once my ex and I finally parted ways, Jack was now in a relationship. She wasn’t a huge fan of me, even though I tried my best to be nice to her.

I didn’t understand why she didn’t like me but Jack painted the picture pretty well when I asked him. “She is threatened by you, you’re a beautiful girl and are my best friend. I talk to you more than her and you know more about me than she does”. He was right…and unfortunately they didn’t last and ended up breaking up. In the meantime, I had met a new guy and had started dating him. Jack hated him, with good reason. He was just not a good guy for me, but I tried to make it work. During this relationship, Jack and I’s friendship remained the same, just best friends…until one day…he finally told me. He was in love with me and always had been.

Jack is a very genuine person, one that would never disrespect me or anyone for that matter, and would not put his feelings out there if he felt it inappropriate. But he had waited long enough…and he loved me and couldn’t continue going on without making sure I knew, someone loved me the way I deserved. When he initially told me, I was so happy and confused and relieved and scared. He had been my best friend for nearly 3 years at this point. I didn’t want to lose him…and technically I was still in a relationship.

A failing one…but still in one. I had always had my own thoughts of “What If’s” and my dad always called Jack my “second boyfriend” and poked jokes at us. But when he actually told me, all of my true feelings came out and it was so amazing and scary all at once. For the time being, business went on as usual until our relationship grew thin. He struggled being my friend for a while and watching me date someone that wasn’t what I deserved.

1229876_648325245186526_1862178935_nHe started dating his ex for a brief period of time and then realized he couldn’t settle and they parted ways again. We didn’t talk much…I hated it, I missed him…then things changed. My ex and I broke up…finally. My ex and I were up in Pittsburgh (my home town) and while we were up there, we had decided to part ways. I hadn’t talked to Jack in a few weeks and out of nowhere, he texted me (without knowing we had broken up) and asked me what I thought about Alabama Crimson Tide (our team) kicking butt that weekend. I responded and the conversation led to me telling him we had broken up.

I needed to talk it out and I was really upset. Jack offered to take meto lunch and we spent the next few days putting Meagan back together as the breakup was a relief for sure, but some of the things my ex had said during the break up, were very unkind and emotionally and personally damaging.

As time passed, Jack and I were back to normal, best friends like nothing had changed. We went out one weekend, just the two of us and there was an older couple that kept thinking we were an item. They were saying things like “you two are perfect for eachother” and “when are you going to ask this girl to marry you”?

Needless to say…neither of us corrected them. We just laughed and…flirted which felt really right. Later that night…he didn’t kiss me. I was expecting him to and really wanted him too…but he didn’t. Before going out that night, he picked me up at my house, so he drove. So, when he dropped me back off, I gave him one of those weird ‘in the car’ hugs and got out.

We went out again the next night and I had him meet me at my house, but I drove this time, forcing him to get out of my car at the end of the night to say goodbye. After about 2-3 hours of talking outside of my parent’s house (where I was briefly staying) it finally happened. We just stopped talking, he looked me in the eyes, and he kissed me! Never…has anything ever felt so right.


The rest…is history. Since then…we have been through career changes together, currently live together with his two boys living with us full time, have discussed buying a home together and have spent countless time talking about being together forever. He is…and has been, my best friend since that one night, in a dive bar, where he made me laugh for the very first time.

how they asked: For months…if not years, Jack had been telling me that he had a “Plan” for me. That he wanted to do things right and ask me properly because I deserved that. For the last year…he has been telling everyone we know, about “The Plan”. I felt left out…but was very okay with it. For the first time, I was patient, because I knew it was inevitable that I was going to spend the rest of my life with my bestfriend. Finally…on Saturday, May 2, 2015, it happened.


Jack had told me that he had to work on this day as he often did from 8-12:00 p.m. I believed him, didn’tthink anything of it. We had made plans to see the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie that had just come out the night prior. We looked up showing the night before and he locked in the 1:20 p.m. time. He woke up, per the norm, and got dressed for work, kissed me goodbye and off he went.

I woke up, cooked some eggs, watched TV, painted my nails and just relaxed all morning. It was nice for sure! Not a big chick show fan, but sometimes, when I can, I sneak them in and this was prime time to do so! I started getting ready around 11, curled my hair, put on my makeup, threw on my favorite Thor shirt to represent for the movie and as I was finishing my last minute touch ups, I heard a knock at the door.

It was Jack’s brother Sean! Now…for the past 3-4 Avengers movies…Sean has joined us, so him showing up right at 12 noon with his hair gel in and dressed to go with us, was no surprise to me.

Now, Sean had a shoe box in his hand and has been on a huge workout kick. He said he wanted to show of his shoes to Jack once he got home. I…believed him. Sean and I stood in the kitchen for a few minutes talking and finally he drew up the courage to get the day started!

He opened the box and handed me a DVD that was located within. One the outside of it, it said…”The Plan”. I immediately started to shake. Sean said, “this is for you, put it in the DVD player”. Once I finally figured out how to get the DVD to play (in a player I have used a million times, but my mind wasn’t working) on the screen I saw Jack! During this self made DVD made my Jack, Sean and their brother Mike, Jack explained to me just how much he loved me.

He told me, that I was going on a journey today and that Sean was going to be there with me along the way. When the DVD ended…Sean gave me the option to change if need be and to “get ready” if there was anything else I needed to do as it was my day and we were on my time. Thor shirt and all, I as out the door in a matter of a minute. Sean told me to grab my keys because I was driving. When we got into the car…Sean put in a CD that Jack had made full of Disney love songs for us to listen to along the way. Sean told me my first clue and we were off to our first stop.

11200931_959288797423501_4486564796994993238_nWe arrived at a huge Sundial on the water in Northshore Park. There waiting, were our great friends Gabe and Kristen and their kids! Sean and I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes and they wanted to know what this place was to me. I told them it was somewhere that Jack and I used to walk to together all the time long before we were together.

It was nearly a nightly thing that we would walk around this park and just talk. The told me my next clue…and Sean and I were off again. Our next stop was this really crazy tree located in Old Northeast where I used to live. There waiting, our friends Freddy and Mylinda! Of course…arriving here at this random tree, they wanted the story of what this tree was to me.

I told them…one night, a long time ago, I received a call from Jack. He was upset and angry and said that him and his ex had just broken up and that he just wanted to talk to me. He told me he was walking home! No sir…being his bestfriend…that was not going to happen. I immediately left where I was and went to him.

This crazy tree is where I found him. When I got there, he got in my car and just looked at me, sad yet relieved that I was there with him.

I took him out that night to make him feel better and by the end of the night, I had my happy Jack back. After a quick picture with Freddy and Mylinda, they gave me my next clue and I headed to my next destination, just a few blocks away. My old apartment/studio.

When we arrived there, our friends Nick and Tiffany were there with 11174785_959288910756823_5931215502849122480_ntheir kiddos! They wanted to know the story, as the “apartment” I used to live in was actually an old house made into several apartments in a very beautiful residential neighborhood.

This location is where a lot of Jack and I’s long walks would start which often…led us out to the Sundial and even past the crazy tree! One night, after a long walk…things were different between us. We just sat there, talking about our lives (after he had told me how he felt).

I sensed a distance in him that really didn’t sit right with me. I wanted to just hug him…and I could sense the pain in his heart as I talked about how unhappy I was with my ex. I didn’t realize until that moment…JUST how unhappy I was.

But in that moment, even with the distance I felt, Jack and I were never closer (up to that point) and I knew, I needed him in my life and didn’t want this distance anymore. After the “Awws” I got from Nick and Tiffany, they sent me to Qdoba in Tampa.

Lucky me! Jack knows better than to send me on a day long journey without a lunch put stop. We arrived at Qdoba and there were our friends and the newlyweds, Clay and Jackie. They bought us lunch and we sat just talking about their wedding that was just the week prior and then asked me, why here at Qdoba? What is this place to you.

11205020_959289100756804_1764152352530678275_nJack used to work all the way in Tampa not far from this restaurant. I used to work nights so, I would drive over a few times a week to have lunch with him. This was one of our favorite stops!

After lunch, we were back at it. They sent me to Picnic Park not far from the restaurant which was another lunch spot for Jack and I from time to time. (He later admitted to me that he has almost kissed me several times here but never did).

We don’t have any other friends really that live over in Tampa so I had NO idea who was going to be here waiting. Sean and I sat in the car just looking around for a few minutes until his phone rang…and he handed it to me saying it was for me. Facetiming on the other end, was my beautiful college roommate (from Missouri) Annie.

I have not seen her in four years and the moment that I saw her, I started bawling…Jack had never spoken to her until about a month ago when he asked her to be apart of this day for me. I have talked about her so many times, and he knew she was important to me.

So he called her and had her call me to give me my next clue. After the sobbing stopped a few minutes later, she asked me where Jack and I shared our first kiss? After Annie and I laughed how ‘high school’ it is for Jack and I’s first kiss to be shared at my parents house, Sean and I were headed back to St. Pete.

We arrived at my parents house and where Jack had first kissed me was off to the backside of the house. I had my own door leading to the outside from my bedroom, so I knew going through the front door was not the way to go. I walked down the side of the house, heart pounding, and finally, reaching the fence…

I could see him standing there. I simply said, “Hi” with tears in my eyes. He grabbed both of my hands and put my forehead to his. He then looked me in the eyes and gave him speech…”Meagan, I love you so much, you are my best friend. I have been waiting my whole life for you and to call you mine, and I am done waiting”. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.Of course…I accepted!


As it was super hot outside…we entered the house through my bedroom door right there behind him which lead through my old room into the Florida family room.

When we opened the door leading into the family room…there in the family room was our boys, my parents, my sister and her family, his mother, his sister and her family, his other brother and all of our friends that were there at each stop throughout the day.


He let me share this moment and day with everyone that we love and care about. It was the most amazing feeling ever to hear him ask me to marry him…and to have our whole family there with us was amazing!