Meagan and Greg

how we met

We chose to do our engagement shoot at an aquarium, and speaking of aquariums and fish… we met on Plenty of Fish online. We actually went to high school together and shared a lot of friends, but we didn’t officially meet until 10 years later!

how they asked

The proposal was perfect. Let’s start by saying that! Greg planned to take Meagan out to dinner for their 3-year anniversary on February 15, 2019. He made a dinner reservation for 6:30pm at the newest, hottest restaurant in town (in… Springfield, VT…) and it just so happened to be the BUSIEST night the restaurant ever experienced. After ordering an appetizer and a bottle of wine, we waited 2 hours for our entrees and they never came.

Meanwhile, our friends and family were patiently waiting out in the rain/snow to put on the proposal. During the dinner, Greg managed to truly throw Meagan off by putting on a good show. Meagan made a joke about “asking a certain question” and Greg made a passionate plea for her forgiveness, reminding her he had recently made a job change and just couldn’t afford to make it happen, even though he wanted to. So, she sat there (disappointed, let’s be honest) and waited for food. Finally, Greg asked the waiter to pack their meals up to go, as it had been over 2 hours since they arrived. They did so, and we walked out of the restaurant across the road. Greg put the packaged food on top of the car and kept walking to a little alcove under the town library where a friend of ours was playing our song (All My Lovin’ by The Beatles) and he got down on one knee at the bottom of the stairs and said he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her.

Special Thanks

Anne Mientka Photography
 | Photography
Katelyn Howard
 | Beauty
ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
 | Location
Echo Lake Aquarium
 | Venue