Meagan and Edwin

Where to Propose in Southport, NC

Edwin and I went to high school together but didn’t start dating until his senior year of college at UNC Chapel Hill. He was absolutely meant for me. Our first date was at his house. He wanted to cook me dinner. We lived about 30 minutes apart and he insisted on picking me up and taking me back home after our dinner! I am not a picky eater so he decided on the meal. We got lost in conversation and before we knew it his entire house was filled with smoke! He accidentally left a pan on the stove!! We laughed and laughed and He managed to get a second date out of me!

Edwin is my living angel. A cancer survivor. 87% of his body was filled with leukemia cells. The doctors at UNC gave him a 30% chance of living. His body wouldn’t respond to chemo. A doctor suggested they start radiation immediately but his mom begged for a second opinion. Another doctor suggested they try experimental drugs to see if his body would react. The second opinion saved his life. No radiation on his brain or body. He went through treatments for 5 years where most go through 2 and now he is healthier than ever! I am so blessed and honored to now be this living angels fiancé.

The night of the proposal, his parents were throwing their huge annual party and we had to run a quick errand to “pick up” serving trays. We pulled into their beach house where these trays were located and the front door was locked. The wind was blowing fiercely and I was FROZEN! I ran back to the car and told him It was way too cold! He yelled down for me to walk around back because he believed the back door was unlocked. When we walked around he told me that he had a special gift he wanted to give me privately before the party. My one hint was that it was furry! (We have been talking about puppies!) I was so excited to hopefully see a little pup run out from a room until he told me to close my eyes! We walked outside and when I opened my eyes Edwin exchanged the most beautiful words to me and got down on one knee! Even though I was expecting a puppy I got a fiancé and that’s even better!

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