Meagan and Derrick

Image 1 of Meagan and Derrickhow they asked: It was a normal Thursday, Derrick and I decided to leave work early so we could squeeze in a flight before I had choir rehearsal that night. One of Derrick’s hobbies is learning to fly; him and his father just bought a Mooney and are learning to fly the plane together. (We’ve actually flown to and from Naples, FL a few times now!). Derrick drove me to Martin State Air Port, and asked if we have ever flown over our house before. I told him that we haven’t and I’ve always wanted to. So that became our flight plan! As we got closer to the house, he reminded me that the house would be to my left. I leaned over to look out the window to see my car in the driveway, and I saw something out of place on the roof. Derrick asked me, “Meagan, what’s that on the roof?” He had stretched our painting tarp (we just finished renovating our house!) across the roof with big orange letters that said “will you marry me?” I exclaimed “I can’t read it, but I know what it says!” And I turned around to him holding a ring saying “Meagan, will you marry me?” I immediately started crying. After we landed, his flight instructor was waiting for us with a 6-pack of Natty-Bohs!

Image 2 of Meagan and Derrick
Image 3 of Meagan and Derrick