Meagan and Cord

How We Met

The letter I wrote for my now fiancé, the night I proposed, and it references back to the day we met. :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Next to the river, on a bridge, down backroads

How They Asked

It’s Saturday evening February 29th, 2020, date night for Meagan and I. We’ve had dinner and seen a great movie. Now it’s late as we drive down a backroad talking and listening to music. The road weaves through the trees alongside a creek. Earlier Meagan had mentioned that she wanted to park by the water. I tell her there is a good place coming up that we could stop.

“Good.” She says, but her voice seems hesitant. Just ahead I stop the car on a bridge. A bridge I’ve crossed many times before, but I will never cross again without remembering leap day 2020.
I open my door so we can hear the water running under the bridge. Meagan loves the water and the sound of it flowing is something we both enjoy.

Under the glow of the dome light, it is more apparent that Meagan is very nervous. Shaking, she hands me a piece of paper and says, “I want you to read this.”
“Out loud?” I ask.
“Sure, if you want.” More excited now.
On the paper is a story about how she and I met, our first date which was not unlike the date we are on now, and a description of our love, all of it cheesy in the most Meagan of ways. We both laugh as I read it. Today is leap day and I’ve got an idea of where this is headed now. Meagan asks me to get out of the car and there in the center of the bridge she hands me a box with a ring in it and asks me to marry her.

Meagan's Proposal in Next to the river, on a bridge, down backroads