Christopher's Proposal to his "Chocolate Chip"

Marriage Proposal Ideas

How we met: I met Christopher in church when I was nine years old. He lived in Queens and I lived in upstate, NY but despite the distance we always were connected by our church family. My family traveled to Brooklyn every sunday and friday for church & sometimes even more for church activities. We grew up in the same circles but never really liked each other when we were younger, well like “that” anyways. It wasn’t until we both had graduated from high school that we got closer and started referring to each other as “my best friend.” One day I decided to visit my girl best friend in Puerto Rico for a short vacation. While I was away, Christopher sent me a text message saying that “he missed me a lot.” A message like that was one that I had never received before from Christopher. In fact, most of the time we would only chat through Facebook. So I found it a bit strange, but I kind of liked it, secretly.

Later that week when I got back from Puerto Rico, Christopher was acting all strange with me. In fact, everyone in my family had been acting quite strange too. I guess they all knew something I didn’t know at the time. That Sunday when I got to church he told me he had to speak to me. It was then that he finally told me he liked me and wanted to see where our relationship could go. To which I responded, “maybe we should just stay friends.” I know, I know, probably not what you thought I was going to say but I was scared, and I really didn’t want to ruin a friendship. After that, was a few awkward weeks and then everything went back to normal. Until one day, a couple months later I realized that being scared wasn’t a good enough reason not to try us out. I couldn’t live without him at that point in my life and I wasn’t wanting that day to come where I would have to be without him. So I kiked him haha, not kicked but kiked. It was a really popular app that everyone was using at the time where you can chat back and forth. From that one kik we’ve landed here, engaged, & ready to embark on a new journey, I’m glad we took a chance on love.

This photo was taken when we started dating in 2010:


how they asked: July 4th, 2014 My best friend proposed to me. I was in complete and total shock too. It had been just like any normal day in my house. The family comes over, the food is smelling up the house and it’s so loud, you can’t even hear yourself think. Or so I thought. Typically I can tell when my boyfriend is up to something because he gets really nervous and shows all his emotions on his face… or he either gives it away. But this time it was different, he was acting quite normal, he even went outside to play soccer with the guys.

Meanwhile, I am in my own little world trying to entertain some of his aunts who came to visit the U.S. for the first time from Nicaragua. Later that evening, my boyfriend’s mother had asked me if I could give her aunts a tour of the small town I live in, being that its much different compared to the city where my boyfriend is from. Of course I agreed and went to tell my boyfriend that I would be back shortly. He was in the middle of a soccer game and didn’t seem to pay me any mind so I never thought anything. It all happened when we got back from the “tour.”

As soon as I got out the car, my sister grabs my hand and sits me in a chair where our favorite song was playing to a slideshow of pictures of us from our last 3 years and eight months together. As the song played and I watched the pictures slide by, the tears began to slide down my cheeks. I thought to myself is this? Yeah, I knew then, it was going to happen. After the slide finished, my sister guided me to stand and walk down the pathway in front of my house which was lit with tiki torches. As I walked by, each tiki torch had a picture of us on it with a part of a letter that he wrote me on the back.


Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal Ideas copy


Marriage Proposal Ideas copy

I cried more and more as I walked past each torch. Once I got to the last one I looked up and saw a row of pink and red heart shaped balloons that formed a path that my husband to be was standing at the end of. I immediately started walking faster to get to him quicker but also wanting to walk slower to make the moment last forever.

As I finally walked right up to him he held the last piece of the letter which he read:

“My future is all you. I want to be by your side for an eternity to come. Thank you for loving me and staying by my side through thick and thin. I will love you forever baby. Here’s to a future of life with love. Te Amo mucho como canducho.”

He then got on his knee and asked me “Will you marry me?” & of course I said YES! Right after that he planned for us to light a heart shaped chinese lantern and let it go, as we started this new journey. When we turned around, the fireworks began, and all as if it were just for us. Talk about perfect timing. Everything was so perfect for me, and I’m glad I took a chance at true love. The fourth of July has officially become my favorite holiday now.