Meagan and Charlie

How We Met: They met 5 years ago at SUNY Binghamton at Downtown Binghamton’s most famous bar “The Rathskeller”. On that fateful Friday evening they learned the many connections these two shared for the past 21 years. They were practically neighbors growing up in the South Shore town of Huguenot in Staten Island, they shared many of the same friends without even knowing it, and they both ended up joining greek life at Binghamton University and yet had never come across each other at a mixer. After 21 years of never meeting, destiny was working in their favor the night they met because after that they were inseparable. They spent the next year and a half enjoying their last few semesters at Binghamton and then moved on to get jobs in New York City. Last year they decided to move in together to their first apartment in Weehawken, New Jersey.

how they asked: He told her they were going to a company business dinner at the World Trade Observatory, a story that she easily bought. When they arrived they were taken on a private tour of the observatory and took an elevator to the top floor.

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After watching a two minute video with the tour group, they were escorted to a private space for “dinner”.

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When they walked in they were greeted with the stunning New York City skyline, a table for two filled with pink roses, two crystal champagne flutes, and John Legends “You and I” playing in the background.

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He walked her to the table where he got down on one knee and asked if she would spend the rest of her life with him.

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The location, World Trade Observatory, meant a lot to the couple. In their engagement announcement he writes “From this point you can see everywhere our story has taken us. From our hometown Staten Island to our first apartment together in New Jersey.

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Most importantly however this marks the beginning of our new lives together as new people. Time can only tell where we are headed or what this city still has in store for us. But as long as it’s you and me, side by side, I think we will be alright.” Charlie and Meagan became the first Staten Island couple to be engaged at the top of the Freedom Tower.

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Photography: Stanley Duval | Events: Lauren Grech