Meagan and Brian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Silverstar Vernon BC

How We Met

We met via a setup through a previous co-worker of mine! I am a registered nurse and during a night shift one night my co-workers and I were having a abnormally quiet night and were all sitting around talking. Rachel (the co-worker who introduced us) was looking for a date for her boyfriend’s friend for their fire hall Christmas party. Everyone agreed that I should be this guy’s date and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of firefighters! She gave him (Brian) my phone number and we started talking via text.

We talked for few days over text and on the phone before we decided to meet for lunch prior to the Christmas party. The lunch was a bit awkward; the conversation was easy, but he was so nervous that it was hard to tell if he was interested! I left the restaurant feeling unsure, and it wasn’t until a little while later that he sent me a message saying he had a great time meeting me and was looking forward to the Christmas party that I realized I must’ve made a good impression after all. I joined him as his date to the party a couple of days later and we had a great time. The rest is pretty much history! We were engaged just shy of a year later.

how they asked

I got off a day shift at work and we decided to take the dog up to Silver Star to check out the fresh snow.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Silverstar Vernon BC

Brian had bought Abby a new collar and had a tag made that said, “Will you marry me?” She was wearing her coat so I didn’t see the tag until he asked if I had noticed her new collar. We were standing in the village at the time under the lights with the snow falling softly around us. I bent down to look at her collar and when I stood up he was down on one knee.

Meagan's Proposal in Silverstar Vernon BC

Meagan and Brian's Engagement in Silverstar Vernon BC

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