Meagan and Brandon

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How We Met

Meagan and Brandon met while attending cooking classes at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) in 2008. They began dating in April 2010 and have grown to become best friends ever since. In 2011 Meagan moved to Orlando, FL to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management at UCF and Brandon wasn’t too far behind. He moved a few months later and began his journey as a chef with the Palm Restaurant as Meagan finished up her bachelor’s degree. They have lived in Orlando, FL ever since and they frequently visit friends and family in their hometown of Jacksonville, FL.

how they asked

In early 2014, Brandon and Meagan began planning their first trip to Europe together where they would visit Paris and Amsterdam. Brandon realized he had the perfect opportunity to pop the big question in the most romantic and beautiful city in the world, Paris, France. While Meagan was planning where they would stay and what they would eat, Brandon was busy buying the perfect ring for his perfect girl. They hired a professional photographer to take pictures of them while in Paris because Meagan wanted “more than a bunch of selfies to remember Paris.” They ran into some obstacles before actually meeting the photographer but the morning of the pictures was perfect and sunny. They were concluding their session at the Eiffel Tower, preparing to get in a Taxi to go to the Louvre when Brandon asked to take pictures in one more spot. They found themselves in a quiet park, under the Eiffel Tower. As they gazed at its beauty, Brandon got down on one knee, Meagan turned around and immediately knew what was happening. She was so happy and excited she would get to spend the rest of her life with her Prince Charming.

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