Meagan and Andrew

How We Met

Last October, Andrew and I had met online. We had been talking for a while and I jokingly asked him when he was gonna take me out. His response was, “How about Sunday?”. Sunday came around and he picked me up. The date went

The date went awful to begin with. As the night went on, things got better. We saw each other 5 times that week and that was the end of any question about it. We knew we had found the one.

how they asked

Well, I LOVE historical sights. We live right down the road from a well known historical sight in Georgia. I asked if we could go to the tower, which is a beautiful castle like tower, and he said yes knowing it was my favorite place in the park.

We climbed the almost 500 steps up, and we’re on the top. I had told him that i wanted to get engaged somehwere like that last time we were there. We’re looking around from the top at all the people with their dogs.


I’m lost in my world, looking at the view and the dogs.. and suddenly I hear, “Babe!”, and I turn around to him on one knee! He always says I’m his queen, so he proposed to me on a “castle” ♡