Meagan and Alex

Proposal Ideas Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

How We Met

We first met when Alex and Brandon, Meagan’s Brother, were previewing at LeTourneau University. When they both started school there, they became friends through Alex’s roommate at the time, Jacob Clements. When Meagan came to school there as well the next year and we became friends because I would go down to Brandon’s room and hang out with the boys. Over time we became really good friends and eventually, we started dating.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

How They Asked

Meagan’s Side: We were on vacation with both of our families in Hawaii. I was hoping this is where he would propose because he always said he wanted an amazing location. We are supposed to take family photos and we were gonna take couple photos before hand, alone. This is where my suspicion started because I knew that neither our families or I would care if we took a couple of pictures. As we were driving to Lanikai Beach, Alex was unusually quite for him, so my suspicion kept growing. Lanikai Beach is where we were getting our pictures takes and also happens to be my favorite beach on the island. Alex and I were dropped off at the beach and started taking pictures.

Meagan's Proposal in Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Our photographer had us start by taking pictures where we were hugging. Since Alex is skinny you can feel his heart rate when you hug him and while we were taking pictures his heart rate was through the roof. At this moment I knew it was gonna happen within the next couple minutes. She then asked us to do single pictures. The photographer started with Alex by himself and then me afterward. She asked me to stand facing the ocean and while I was standing there Alex was getting down on one knee behind me. The photographer told me to turn around and that when I saw Alex down on one knee and he asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes! Afterwards, we continued to take pictures and our families later came and congratulated us. Alex had two more surprises up his sleeve. He made an adorable sign that we were able to use in the rest of our pictures and he even was able to get us leis to wear. Over all absolutely perfect!

Alex’s Side: For me, the proposal story started long before Hawaii. It began several months earlier over our Christmas break. During that break is when I purchased the ring and I also designed and built a custom ring box that represented both of us. During homecoming weekend is when I asked Scott and Michelle Cufr for their permission to propose to Meagan; they happily said yes. After that, it was up to me to finalize how I was going to pull off a proposal thousands of miles away in a place I had never been to before. Scott told me that Meagan’s favorite beach was Lanikai beach on Oahu. I decided that I wanted to use a photographer as part of my proposal so I found a good one and began communications with her as to when and where I would propose.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

My mom and I made that sign to use in the photoshoot and we had to pack that and the ring safely in our luggage to make it that far. It was hard for me to not say anything about the proposal and I didn’t want to wait that long to propose once we were together in Hawaii. Meagan was the only one who didn’t know I was going to propose on the trip and everyone else, including myself, was able to keep our mouths shut about it. She might have been suspicious at times but she never knew it was coming. I was able to surprise her with the proposal and thankfully, by her saying yes, she didn’t surprise me with her answer.

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